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March 1963 N 

Directory of Information 

General Bulletin 695 

Commonwealth of Pemisylvania 

William W. Scranton, Governor 

Department of Agriculture 
Leland H. Bull, Secretary 


Department of Agriculture 
Secretary of Agriculture 

Leiand H. Bull 

Deputy Secretary 

Jack R. Grey 

Director, Bureau of Animal Industry 

Dr. John C. Shook, Acting 

Director, Bureau of Foods and Chemistry 

Delmar K. Myers, Acfing 

Director, Bureau of Markets 

Clarence W. Funk 

Director, Bureau of Plant Industry 

Dr. Thomas L. Guyton 

State Soil Conservation Commission 

David G. Unger, Director 

State Farm Products Show Commission 

John B. McCool, Director 


711 West Main St., Lonsdale 
69 Putnam St., Tunkhonnock 
R.D. 1, Evans City 
R.D. 1, Linden 

Central offices of all bureaus of the Pennsylvania Department of 
Agriculture and the State Soil Conservation Commission are located 
in the South Office Building, Harrisburg. The Farm Show office is on 
the second floor, front, of the Farm Show Building, Cameron and Mac- 
lay Streets, Harrisburg. 

Bulletin— Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture— Published in March, June, September and 
December by direction of the Secretary of Agriculture. Second class postage paid at Harrisburg, 

Table of Contents 

Subject P^^^ 

Variety and Change ^ 

Bureau of Animal Industry ^ 

Bureau of Foods & Chemistry 6 

Bureau of Markets 

Bureau of Plant Industry ^ 

Farm Show Commission ® 

Soil Conservation Commission 10 

Pennsylvania Crop Reporting Service H 

Pennsylvania Agricultural Organizations 12 

AUied Agricultural Organizations 1'* 

County Soil Conservation District Secretaries 15 

1 fi 

Breed Associations 

County Agricultural Organizations 19 

Pennsylvania Farm Journals and Magazines 35 

Pennsylvania History, Topography and Climate 36 

Answering Some Questions on Pennsylvania Farming 37 

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Motion Pictures 37 

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bulletins 38 

Pennsylvania State University Bulletins 39 

U.S. Department of Agriculture Bulletins 47 

COVER: Architects' sketch depicts Pennsylvania Department of Agri- 
culture Building under construction on North Cameron Street, Harris- 
burg, opposite State Farm Show BuUding. Scheduled for completion in 
Augiist, 1964, it will house offices now in South Office Building at the 
Capitol and will provide modern and enlarged laboratory facilities. 


and Change 

A dominant characteristic of Pennsylvania agriculture is its wide 
variety, as indicated by the long and varied list of farm and allied 
organizations that help to service this industry. 

The wide range in the state's farm crops results from varied to- 
pography, climate and soil structure. Farmers suit their programs 
to soil, weather, and other conditions. This results in crops and 
products of many different kinds, and gives fact to the statement 
that Pennsylvania agriculture is widely diversified. 

Each of these diverse elements is an important part of the state's 
total farm program. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture 
works with them individually and as a whole to achieve a still 
better agricultural industry. 

Agriculture is constantly changing, and the Department adjusts 
its program to suit new developments and needs. Work of the De- 
partment's bureaus and commissions is indicated in brief on the 
following pages. 

Cooperation with the Pennsylvania State University and the 
United States Department of Agriculture enables the Department 
to share in extensive programs in agricultural education and re- 
search. The Department works closely, also, with all farm and re- 
lated agencies and organizations, including other branches of the 
state government. 

This Directory of Information, now revised for 1963, is compiled 
as a service to all of these agencies and to the public generally. 

Leland H. Bull 
Secretary of Agriculture 


Animal Industry 

The Bureau of Animal Industry works cooperatively with the 
Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of 
Agriculture, the hvestock and poultry farmers, and the Agricul- 
tural Extension Service of The Pennsylvania State University. It 
initiates, organizes, and enforces programs for the prevention, con- 
trol and eradication of transmissible diseases of domestic animals 
and poultry on Pennsylvania farms. These programs are aimed at 
preventing economic losses to the farmer from the death of live- 
stock and poultry. They also are assurance to the consummg public 
that a safe and normal supply of milk, meat, and food products will 

be available. . , • ^ i 

The Meat Hygiene Division plays an increasingly important role 
in consumer protection by inspecting much of the meat offered 
for sale and by controlling the sanitary standards of meat and 
poultry establishments. This is done through the licensing and su- 
pervision of cattle dealers, livestock auctions, meat and poultry 
establishments, and rendering plants. A check is maintained for 
control of diseases transmissible to other animals or to man, and 
thus possible serious disease outbreaks are averted by alert meat 
inspectors. Newest knowledge and techniques are used to combat 
such costly diseases as tuberculosis, brucellosis, sheep scabies, hog 
cholera, rabies, puUorum, paratuberculosis, and anaplasmosis. 

Five regional diagnostic laboratories are maintained throughout 
the commonwealth to provide adequate diagnostic services to the 
veterinary profession and producers. 

This Bureau also supervises the licensing of dogs and regulates 
domestic mink farms. 

Purchasers of inspected meats are assured of quality products. Bureau of 
Animal Industry veterinarians make regular checks on meat and poultry 

Food items offered for sale in Penn- 
sylvania are under constant surveil- 
lance. Here chemist in Bureau of 
Foods and Chemistry tests milk for 
butterfat content. 

and Chemistry 

When you buy food and beverages at your local grocery store, 
you have a right to expect them to be tasty, wholesome, of good 
quality, nutritious, and prepared under sanitary conditions. 

The Bureau of Foods and Chemistry is on the job to make cer- 
tain the foods you buy: (1) Will not cause illness, (2) Will not 
contain foreign matter, (3) Will not be an economic cheat. 

Most of the violations for which processors and retailers are cited 
are either accidental or of an economic nature, rather than in- 
stances of deliberate adulteration. 

In buying his raw materials, such as animal feed, lime, and fer- 
tilizer for producing food and fiber, the farmer depends on the 
guarantee of the manufacturer. Nearly 20,000 individual labora- 
tory tests are made annually by the Feed and Fertilizer Division 
to check these guarantees. 

In addition to the General Food Law, the Bureau enforces spe- 
cific laws relating to ice cream, bakery products, sausage, oleo- 
margarine, soft drinks, animal feed, fertilizer, pesticides, and lime. 
Many of these laws require registration and licensing. The Bureau 
issues approximately 35,000 licenses, permits, and certificates of 
registration each year. 

The Division of Milk Sanitation annually issues more than 3,000 
permits to dairies in Pennsylvania and adjacent states which sell 
milk in Pennsylvania. These plants are inspected regularly by the 
Bureau. Employees of dairies are certified to inspect dairy farms 
to see that cows and milk are being handled in a manner to insure 
rigid standards of quality. 

Samples of food, animal feed, fertilizer, and agricultural lime- 
stone are collected by agents of the Bureau throughout the state 
for analysis in the Bureau's laboratory. New laboratory facihties 
wiU be available by July, 1964, on completion of the new Penn- 
sylvania Department of Agriculture Building now under construc- 
tion opposite the Farm Show Building. The new facilities will in- 
clude modern equipment for the chemical analysis of food, feed, 
fertilizer, and liming materials and a special laboratory devoted to 
the bacteriological examination of milk, ice cream, and other dairy 



Production of food is not the sole aim of the farmer today. He 
realizes that his food must reach the consumer at the peak of qual- 
ity before he can consider his job completed. 

Many factors are involved in this huge task which is termed 
"marketing." The agency of the Pennsylvania Department of Ag- 
riculture specifically assigned to this field is the Bureau of Markets. 

To insure quahty, much of the work of the Bureau mvolves m- 
spection and grading. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, eggs, poultry, 
livestock and fruits and vegetables for processing are inspected and 
graded under official standards by skilled employees and agents 

of the Bureau. . , , , , x ^ x 

In the poultry and egg field, the Bureau of Markets starts to 
promote a high quality product before it ever appears by encour- 
aging breeding and use of chickens and turkeys with superior qual- 
ities. Operation of the Pennsylvania Random Sample Egg Laymg 
Test and the Pennsylvania Turkey Meat Production Test is under 
supervision of the Bureau of Markets. Both tests are designed to 
give the farmer basic information on the abilities of various strams 

of birds. . . . , . 

The food business is one of the most competitive in the nation. 
Promotion of Pennsylvania's farm products is also a task of the 
Bureau of Markets. Specialists use all the media of modern mass 
communications to tell the people of Pennsylvania about the qual- 
ity of the products grown in the Keystone State. Marketing spe- 
ciahsts also have tested consumer reactions and have offered sug- 
gestions to industry groups on how to increase demand for their 
food and non-food products, such as wool, flowers, and Christmas 


Official reporting of farm product sales— known as market 
news— is carried on by the Bureau in cooperation with federal 

Display of farm crops and processed foods at 1963 Pennsylvania Farm. 
Show illustrates Bureau of Markets' year-round promotion of state s agri- 
cultural commodities. 

Bureau of Plant Industry inspector checks potato field for seed certifica- 
tion — a quality control program that pays off in superior farm crops. 

Plant Industry 

Agricultural and vegetable seeds offered for sale on the market 
are checked by the Bureau of Plant Industry for purity and germi- 
nation and also for the presence of weed seeds. The Pennsylvania 
Seed Act further requires proper labeling of seed offered for sale. 

Recent increases in acreage yield of grain crops and potatoes 
are due partly to the availability of superior crop seeds furnished 
through the seed certification service of this Bureau. 

All of the nurseries of the state are inspected each year and 
those free of plant pests are officially certified by the state. Where 
pests are found, prompt treatment for their control is a require- 
ment for certification. This insures that purchasers of Pennsylvania 
grown stock will get good, vigorous ornamental or fruit plants. 

Statewide surveys are made to determine the presence or abun- 
dance of plant pests. Such pests include nematodes, oak wilt, stem 
rust, Japanese beetle, and gypsy moth. At the same time observa- 
tions are made for the presence of unknown or new pests and the 
natural enemies of plant pests. 

An airborne disease of cereal crops — Black Stem Rust — has 
been greatly decreased in the grain growing counties of the com- 
monwealth through federal-state-county cooperation in European 
barberry eradication. European barberry serves as the early spring 
host of this disease. 

All known colonies of bees are inspected as an aid to beekeepers 
in the contrbl of the devastating brood diseases. Colonies found 
with diseases are ordered treated or destroyed. The incidence of 
f oulbrood has been reduced to less than 2 per cent. 


Farm Show 

Biggest agricultural event of the year in the state is the Penn- 
sylvania Farm Show. It is the most representative in reflecting the 
state's total farm program. Fifty-five different farm organizations 
comprise the Farm Show Committee that serves in an advisory 
capacity to the Farm Show Commission. This assures "grass roots" 
participation in the planning and preparation for these events. 
The Commission, in charge of the show, is headed by the Governor 
of the commonwealth. The Secretary of Agriculture, by virtue 
of his office, is chairman of the Commission. 

Many of the Farm Show Committee groups and other supporting 
farm organizations make a further contribution to the show in the 
form of educational meetings. These number around forty at each 
Farm Show. 

Farm and related exhibits come from all sections of the state 
and represent nearly the whole range of multi-varied products from 
the state's widely diversified farm program. These exhibits improve 
in quality from year to year, reflecting steady advances in the 
state's agriculture. They would show a steady increase in nurnber, 
also, except for Hmitations in space. Because of these Hmitations, 
many entries must be turned away each year. 

Commercial exhibitors support the show financially and make 
their own distinct contribution through displays of the newest 
types and kinds of machinery and equipment, all of which figure 
importantly in the state's farm production. 

Attendance at the Farm Show averages over 600,000 persons, 
and at the 1963 exposition went up to a new all-time high of 
690,000. The Farm Show Building, a complex of nearly 14 acres 
under continuous roof, is used the year-round for some 40 other 
events, bringing total attendance for all events to well over a 
million persons. . 

These added events include the international Pennsylvania Live- 
stock Exposition, Pennsylvania Junior Dairy Show, conventions, 
meetings, and various other shows and expositions. The 1964 Penn- 
sylvania Farm Show will be next Jan. 13-17. 

Farm Show means fun, too. Folk dance festival for "kids from 
six to sixty" is regular Tuesday night entertainment feature. 

Christmas tree production conserves soil and water, and 
provides cash crop on land that may be unsuited for other 
farm purposes. 

Soil Conservation 

The Secretary of Agriculture, by virtue of his office, is chairman 
of the State Soil Conservation Commission. 

The Commission's work is largely educational, explaining the 
purpose and operation of Soil Conservation Districts by use of 
literature, articles, slide talks, films and other media. It encourages 
the formation of new districts and helps county commissioners 
organize them once created by resolution. Clerical aid, funds and 
other assistance are furnished Pennsylvania's 61 Soil Conserva- 
tion Districts now organized. 

Of special interest to urban and rural dwellers is a 25-minute 
16 millimeter color film, entitled "Beyond Tomorrow," portraying 
the accomplishments of Pennsylvania's soil conservation districts. 
It is available for showings without charge through the State Soil 
Conservation Commission. 

Special activities of the Commission include the administration 
of the state appropriation for the cooperative federal-state soil 
survey program and support of research with the U. S. Geological 
Survey to measure the effects of conservation on stream flow and 
siltation. The Commission acts as the Governor's representative in 
approving small watershed flood prevention programs under U. S. 
Public Law 566. 

Steady progress in all areas of the Pennsylvania conservation 
program has been noted by the Commission. Pennsylvania has a 
long history marked by good farming practices. Farmers in the 
commonwealth were among the first to recognize the need for 
fertilizers, water control and other similar practices designed to 
stop erosion and maintain the productivity of Pennsylvania's soils. 

It is the policy of the Commission to assist local private water- 
shed organizations wherever possible. Applications for assistance 
under the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act (U. S. 
Pubhc Law 566) are checked by Commission staff members. 


Crop Reporting 

The Pennsylvania Crop Reporting Service is a cooperative agen- 
cy of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Statis- 
tical Reporting Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. 
Its primary function and responsibility is the collection, analysis 
and dissemination of facts and figures on the agriculture of the 

During past years, the Crop Reporting Service also has carried 
out surveys for the U. S. Departments of Commerce and Labor, 
the Pennsylvania State University, the Pennsylvania Department 
of Pubhc Instruction and other Pennsylvania state government 
agencies. In addition, the Service conducts special projects on pro- 
duction and marketing practices which are financed by federal- 
state matched funds under provisions of the Agricultural Marketmg 
Act of 1946. 

Some 15,000 Pennsylvania farmers serve as volunteer crop re- 
porters. They supply accurate and timely information on farm 
prospects and production in 25 different categories of the state's 
agriculture. This information serves as a basis for official estimates 
and reports. In processing the information, statisticians in the Crop 
Reporting Service interpret it in quantitative estimates. All state 
data is also pooled for national estimates. 

Frequent changes in the source of supply, quantities produced 
and the consequent changes in price of farm products call for a 
sound basis of judgment by individual farmers, by commodity 
groups, and by governmental agencies. The Pennsylvania Crop 
Reporting Service supplies information needed for sound decisions. 

Crop Reporting Service statisticians project field data into forecasts and 
estimates as guides to farmers in both production and marketing. 

(With name and address of Secretary) 

State Council of Farm Organizations — O. W. Rittenhouse, 1604 N. 2nd St., 

Pennsylvania State Grange — O. W. Rittenhouse, 1604 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg 
Pennsylvania Farmers Assn. — HoUis A. Hatfield, 21st & Chestnut Sts., Camp 

Society of Farm Women of Pennsylvania — Mrs. LeRoy Bruce, Kennett 
Square RD 1 

Pennsylvania Assn. of Farmer Cooperatives — Edward B. Vansant, Jr. 103 

E. Beaver Ave., State College 
Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Federation — Robert Leslie, Sarver RD 2 
Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Cooperative Assn. — Robert Leslie, Sarver RD 2 
Pennsylvania State University Agricultural Advisory Council — Jack R. 

Grey, 118 South Office BIdg., Harrisburg 
Cooperative G. L. F. Exchange, Inc. — R. B. Gervan, G. L. F. Building, Ithaca, 

N. Y. 

Eastern States Farmers Exchange, Inc.— W. D. Milsop, West Springfield, 

Massachusetts (Gen. Mgr.) 
Dairymen's Cooperative Sales Assn. — Homer H. Martz, 451 Century Bldg., 

Pittsburgh 22 

Dairymen's League Cooperative Assn., Inc. — Lester W. Martin, Milford, 
N. Y. 

Eastern Milk Producer's Cooperative Assn., Inc. — John C. York, Kinne 

Rd., Syracuse 14, N. Y. 
Inter-State Milk Producers' Cooperative — Clara Gallagher, 401 N. Broad 

St., Philadelphia 

Pennsylvania Dairy Federation — Robert C. McKinley, 234 S. 22nd St., 

Pennsylvania Dairymen's Assn. — Charles E. Cowan, 2025 Bloommgdale 
Ave., Lancaster 

Country Belle Cooperative Farmers — Wendell J. Smith, Butler RD 4 
Pennsylvania Ayrshire Breeders Assn. — John Reed Rodgers, Belleville 
RD 1 

Pennsylvanu State Brown Swiss Assn. — A. L. Morrison, Jr., 437 Duquesne 
Dr., Pittsburgh 16 

Pennsylvania Guernsey Breeders Assn. — William H. Juzi, Bus. Mgr., P.O. 

Box 458, Camp Hill 
Pennsylvania Holstein Assn., Inc. — William C. Nichol, 227 W. Beaver Ave., 

State College 

Pennsylvania Jersey Cattle Club, Inc. — Mrs. Jacob M. Brunges, Tunkhan- 

Pennsylvania Milking Shorthorn Society — Donald Means, Shippensburg, 
Star Rt. 2 

Pennsylvania Raw Milk Producer-Distributors' Assn. — Mrs. J. Louis 
Baker, Beallsville 

Pennsylvania Dairy and Livestock Health Committee — J. Philip Stover, 
Bellefonte RD 2 

Pennsylvania Assn. of Artificial Breeding Cooperatives — J. Lewis Wil- 
liams, 25 Ridgeview Dr., Uniontown 

Pennsylvania Dairy Goat Assn. — Mrs. Clarence M. Fantom, Manchester 
RD 1 

Pennsylvania Livestock & Allied Industries Assn., Inc. — Ernest S. Burch, 

P.O. Box 361, Harrisburg 
Pennsylvania Angus Assn., Inc. — Gilbert S. Watts, Box 146, BeUwood 
Pennsylvania Hereford Breeders Assn. — Bob Spears, Saltsburg RD 2 
Pennsylvania Polled Hereford Assn. — Mrs. Maurice Wagner, Parker 


Pennsylvania Shorthorn Breeders Assn. — Fred E. Smalstig, 10 Sherman 
St., Pittsburgh 9 

Pennsylvania Sheep and Wool Growers Assn. — Stan Gates, Lafayette Hill 
Pennsylvania Purebred Sheep Breeders Assn. — Stan Gates, Lafayette HUl 
Pennsylvania Corriedale Breeders Assn. — Aldo Mazero, Box 342, Herminie 
Pennsylvania Hampshire Sheep Assn., Inc. — Margaret B. Harbster, Man- 

Pennsylvania Suffolk Sheep Assn. — George V. Hunter, Stoneboro RD 2 
Pennsylvania Cooperative Swine Breeders Assn. — George E. Cogley, Ronks 
RD 1 

Pennsylvania Berkshire Breeders Assn. — Robert Hubler, Lewisburg RD 1 
Pennsylvania Chester White Swine Breeders Assn. — J. Harold Little, 1009 
York St., Hanover 

Pennsylvania Duroc Swine Breeders Assn. — Clyde W. McConaughey, 

Pennsylvania Hampshire Swine Breeders Assn. — Ralph Dietz, Palmyra 
Pennsylvania Hereford Swine Assn. — Carroll F. Hunt, Stewartstown 
Pennsylvania Landrace Swine Breeders Assn. — James Z. Martin, Chris- 
tiana RD 1 

Pennsylvania Poland China Breeders Assn. — Lawrence L. Showers, Milton 
RD 2 

Pennsylvania Spotted Poland China Breeders Assn. — C. Warren Lein- 

inger, Denver RD 2 
Pennsylvania Yorkshire Club — George E. Cogley, Ronks RD 1 
Eastern Pennsylvania Pork Producers Assn. — Wellington A. Heister, Sr., 

Fleetwood RD 3 

Pennsylvania Horse and Mule Assn. — William S. Cruikshank, Valencia 
RD 2 

Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Assn. — F. Eugtoe Dixon, Jr., 408 Lamd Title 

Bldg., Philadelphia 10 
Pennsylvania Poultry Federation — Mrs. Dorothy Graham, 1939 N. 2nd 

St., Harrisburg 

Turkey Division, Pennsylvania Poultry Federation — Andrew Ludwig, 
Ephrata RD 1 

Pennsylvania Egg Marketing Assn. — E. J. Lawless, Jr., 4208B Sussex Dr., 
Colonial Park, Harrisburg 

Pennsylvania Fruit Marketing Cooperative, Inc. — Ralph W. Tyson, Gard- 

Pennsylvania Horticultural Council — (Vacancy) 25 N. Duke St., York 
State Horticultural Assn. of Pennsylvania — John Ruef, 262 E. Irvin Ave., 
State College 

Pennsylvania Red Cherry Growers Assn. — Harold Garretson, Aspers RD 1 
Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Assn. — Rudy Grob, 2063 Stone Mill Rd., 

Pennsylvania Cooperative Potato Growers, Inc. — Leon Epler, North- 
umberland RD 1 

Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Assn. — Robert Crimbring, Canton RD 1 
Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Assn. — Marlin L. Koch, New Ring- 
gold RD 2 

Pennsylvania Nut Growers Assn. — George G. Weber, 748 S. Queen St., York 
Mushroom Growers Cooperative Assn. of Pennsylvania — Anthony Citino, 

Box 375, Kennett Square 
Pennsylvania Crop Improvement Assn., Inc. — H. L. Romberger, Elizabeth- 


Pennsylvania Foundation Seed Cooperative — Floyd Imes, Pa. Farm Bureau 
Co-op., Manheim 

Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture — William H. White, 220 

S. 16th St., Philadelphia 2 
Pennsylvanu Rural Safety Council — O. W. Rittenhouse, 1604 N. 2nd St., 


Pennsylvania Young Farmers Assn. — John Fleming, Elderton 
Pennsylvania Flying Farmers Assn. — Eleanor Gwim, New Middletown, 
RD 1, Ohio 


Future Farmeks of America — Ralph Horchler, 100 Coates Ave., New Castle 
Future Homemakers of America— Jean Coates, Country Club Rd., Aliquippa 
Pennsylvania Flower Gro voters — Howard G. Krupp, 50 N. Main St., Chal- 

Pennsylvania Retail Florists — Harold J. Fishbein, Box 876, State College 
Pennsylvania Nurserymen's Assn. — Wilbur I. Nisley, Harrisburg RD 1 
Pennsylvania Assn. of Soil Conservation District Directors — Rudolph 
Ludwig, Box 191, Milford 


Pennsylvania Canners Assn. — Miss R. M. Mears, 25 N. Duke St., York 
Pennsylvanu Meat Packers Assn. — E. R. Habersett, Media 
Pennsylvania Livestock Auction Assn., Inc. — E. Jack Koons, Millersburg 
Pennsylvania Retail Farm and Industrial Equipment Assn. — Robert F. 

Hartford, 2nd Ave. & White Horse Rd., Phoenixville 
Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Assn. — Dr. Palace H. Seitz, Box 403, 


Pennsylvanu Fur Breeders Assn. — Mrs. Louise K. Westrick, 1024 Menoher 

Blvd., Johnstown, Pa. 
Pennsylvania Poultry Processors Assn. — E. J. Lawless, Jr., 4208B Sussex 

Dr., Colonial Park, Harrisburg 
Pennsylvania Assn. of Milk Dealers — Henry R. Geisinger, 303 Telegraph 

Bldg., Harrisburg (Exec. Vice Pres.) 
Atlantic Dairy Assn. — Clara Gallagher, 401 N. Broad St., Philadelphia 
Dairy Council, Inc. of Philadelphia — Dr. E. G. Lechner, 234 S. 22nd St., 


Pittsburgh District Dairy Council — Walter J. Clouse, 217 N. Craig St., 
Pittsburgh 13 

Pennsylvania Farmers Milk Jucmsing Assn., Inc. — Robert Holdson, West 

Pennsylvania Approved Dairy Laboratory Directors Assn. — Dr. J. Frank 

Cone, 1 Patterson Bldg., University Park 
Pennsylvania Agricultural Reporters Assn. — George A. Van Horn, 4 

Armsby Bldg., University Park 
Pennsylvania Section, American Society of Agricultural Engineers — 

N. Henry Wooding, 108 Agr. Engineering Bldg., University Park 
Pennsylvania State Assn. of Township Supervisors — Milton DeLancey, 

1939 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg 
Pennsylvania State Assn. of County Commissioners — Dee MiUer, Court 

House, Indiana 

Pennsylvania State Bankers Assn., Committee on Agriculture — Belden 

L. Daniels, 23 N. Front St., Harrisburg 
Pennsylvanu Bakers Assn. — Theo. Staab, 600 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg 
Pennsylvania Millers and Feed Dealers Assn. — Donald W. Parke, 43^/^ E. 

Main St., Ephrata 
Pennsylvanu Seedsmen's Assn. — Charles C. Abbott, 701 S. Front St., 

PhUadelphia 47 

Keystone Chapter, Soil Conservation Society of America — Homer R. 

Hilner, Linden RD 1 
Pennsylvanu State Assn. of County Fairs — Wm. Arthur Morris, 2924 N. 

5th St. Highway, Reading 
Pennsylvanu Chain Store Council — Loyal D. Odhner, 808 Liberty Trust 

Bldg., Philadelphia 7 
Pennsylvanu Grocers Assn. — William A. Hubbs, Jr., 3701 N. Broad St., 

Philadelphia 40 

Entomological Society of Pennsylvanu — E. J. Udine, 204 Agr. Education 

Bldg., University Park 
Pennsylvania, Plant Food Educational Society, Inc. — Robert J. Thomas, 

302 Armsby Bldg., University Park 
Pennsylvanu Grassland Council — Charles M. Wolgemuth, Milton 

Hershey Farms, Hershey 
Keystone Bottlers Assn. — Asa L. Day, 264 Carey Ave., Wilkes-Barre 




Adams W. Clayton Jester, RD 2, Biglerville 

Allegheny Eugene Coyne, SCS Office, P.O. Bldg., Pittsburgh 

Armstrong (To be appointed) 

Beaver Glenn Dodds, Beaver Trust Co., Beaver 

Bedford Loren R. Brown, Professional Bldg., Bedford 

Berks Mrs. Anna Kauffman, Leesport 

Bradford Robert Evans, County Supt. of Schools Office, Towanda 

Bucks Penrose Hallowell, Ottsville 

Butler Harry Hagan, Court House, Butler 

Cambru Miss Margaret Brown, Court House, Ebensburg 

Carbon Leroy Faust, RD 1, Weatherly 

Centre Richard E. Luse, RD, Centre Hall 

Chester Robert G. Struble, 405 F&M Bldg., West Chester 

Clarion Robert A. Hartman, RD 1, New Bethlehem 

Clearfield Homer Matt, RD 1, Mahaffey 

CUNTON Mrs. Phoebe Fox, 211 Henderson St., Lock Haven 

COLUMBU Paul W. Shultz, RD 1, Bloomsburg 

Crawford James Dunn, Committee Room, Court House, 


Cumberland Donald Deckman, RD 2, "Mechanicsburg 

Dauphin George Moore, 646 Center St., Millersburg 

Elk (To be appointed) 

Erie Robert Harwood, Wattsburg 

Fayette Mrs. Jacob Cover, RD 2, Smithfield 

Franklin Robert Crouse, Dry Rxm 

Fulton Mrs. Marcia Tsikalas, SCS Office, Washabaugh Bldg. 


Greene Arthur Biddle, RD 1, Carmichaels 

Huntingdon Charles Klingler, 120 W. Water St., Mt. Union 

Indlvna Robert H. Nehrig, RD 2, Homer City 

Jefferson Loye Startzell, 11 W. Taylor St., Brookville 

Juniata John Kline, RD, Mifflintown 

Lackawanna Thomas Snyder, RD 1, Jermyn 

Lancaster H. E. Givler, East Brook Rd., RD 1, Ronks 

Lawrence Reed Miller, RD 1, Edinburg 

Lebanon E. M. Swanger, 2011 HUl St., Lebanon 

Lehigh Harold Mantz, RD 1, Slatington 

Lycoming Joseph Sick, RD 1, Montoursville 

McKean Mrs. Kay Burford, 29 Center St., Smethport 

Mercer David Marshall, Mercer High School, Mercer 

Miffun Clyde W. Krepps, RD 1, McVeytown 

Monroe Raymond Alleger, RD 3, East Stroudsburg 

Montgomery C.F.H. Wuesthofif, 2835 Swede Rd., Norristown 

Montour John Robb, RD 1, Turbo tville 

Northampton Richard A. HeU, Court House, Easton 

Northumberland . . Eugene Meckley, RD 1, Hemdon 
Perry Clair Bermer, RD 2, Millerstown 


PnCE Mrs. Rudolph Ludwig, Box 191, MUford 

Potter Henry W. Staiger, Coudersport 

Schuylkill Byron Breisch, Ringtown 

Snyder Albert B. Drumheller, RD, Middleburg 

Somerset Warren K. Hay, RD 6, Somerset 

Sullivan William Saxe, Star Route, Dushore 

Susquehanna G. Max Noll, 2 Church St., Montrose 

Tioga Laura L. Lawton, Court House, Wellsboro 

Union Robert Holman, RD 1, Mifflinburg 

Venango Harry Fowler, Court House, Franklin 

Warren J. R. Reddicliff, 100 Lansing St., North Warren 

Washington William Hutchinson, 335 Jefferson Ave., Washington 

Wayne Lester Perry, Seelyville, Star Route 

Westmoreland Ford Frank, So. Huntingdon Twp. School, Ruffsdale 

Wyoming Raynold Wilson, Mehoopany 

York . Thomas M. Malin, Coimty Supt. of Schools Office, York 

(Names and Headquarters Addresses of Associations) 



Belgian Draft Horse Corp. of America, 282 S. Wabash St., Wabash, 

Clydesdale Breeders' Association of the U-S. — Batavia, Iowa 
Standard Jack and Jenny Registry — c/o Sugarloaf Farm, Lexington 
RD 2, Ky. 

American Shire Horse Association — P.O. Box 132, Station A., Ames, 

Percheron Horse Association of America — Box 101, RD 1, Fair Oaks, 

American Suffolk Association — Clinton, N. J. 

American Cream Draft Horse Association — Hubbard, Iowa 


The Arabian Horse Club Registry of America — 120 S. LaSalle St., Chi- 
cago 3, 111. 

American Hackney Horse Society — 11 Park Place, New York 7, N. Y. 
The Morgan Horse Club — P.O. Box 2157, Bishop's Corner Branch, West 
Hartford 1, Conn. 

American Saddle Horse Breeders' Association — 929 S. 4th St., Louis- 
ville 3, Ky. 

American Shetland Pony Club — Box 648, Lafayette, Indiana 
United States Trotting Association — 750 Michigan Ave., Columbus, 

The Jockey Club— 300 Park Ave., New York 22, N. Y. 
Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America — Edwardsville, Va. 
Walking Horse Breeders' Assocution of America — P. O. Box 87, 
Lewisburg, Tenn. 

American Quarter Horse Association — P.O. Box 271, Amarillo, Texas 
Cleveland Bay Association — A. Mackey Smith, White Post, Va. 
Palomino Horse Breeders of America, Inc. — P.O. Box 82, Mineral 
WeUs, Texas 


American Albino Horse Club — Naper, Nebraska 

Appaloosa Horse Club — Box 640, Moscow, Idaho 

Morocco Spotted Horse Co-op. Assn. of America — Greenfield, Iowa 

Palomino Horse Assn. — 22049 Devonshire St., Chatsworth, Calif. 


American Angus Association — 3201 Frederick Blvd., St. Joseph, Mo. 
American Hereford Association — Hereford Drive, Kansas City, Mo. 
American Polled Hereford Breeders' Assocution — 4700 E. 63rd St., Trwfy., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

American Shorthorn Breeders' Association — livestock Exch. Bldg., Omaha 
7, Neb. 

The American Devon Cattle Club — 704 Sufl5eld St., Agawam, Mass. 
Ajvierican Brahman Breeders' Assoclation — 4815 Gulf Freeway, Houston 23, 

American Galloway Breeders' Association — Miner, Montana 
Santa Gertrudis Breeders' Association — P.O. Box 1373, Kingsville, Texas 
American Brangus Breeders' Association — 908 Livestock Exch. Bldg., Kan- 
sas City 2, Mo. 

American Charbray Breeders' Assn. — 475 Texas Natl. Baiik Bldg., Houston 
2, Texas 

American International Charolaise Assn. — 437 Texas Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Houston 2, Texas 

American Belted Galloway Cattle Breeders' Assn. — South Fork, Mo. 
Red Angus Association of America — Box 827, Guthrie, Okla. 
American Scotch Highland Breeders' Association — Box 146, Edgemont, 
S. D. 

American Kerry and Dexter Club — 707 W. Water St., Decorah, la. 
American Milking Shorthorn Society — 313 S. Glenstone Ave., Spring- 
field 4, Mo. 

Red Polled Cattle Club of America — 3275 Holdredge St., Lincoln 3, Neb. 


American Berkshire Association — 601 W. Monroe St., Springfield, lU. 
Chester White Swine Record Association — 116 E. 8th St., Rochester, In- 

United Duroc Record Association — Duroc Bldg., 239 N. Monroe St., Peoria 
3, lU. 

The Hampshire Swine Registry — 1111 Main St., Peoria, lU. 
National Hereford Hog Record Association — Sylvia Schulte, Norway, Iowa 
The Poland China Record Association — 501 E. Losey St., Galesburg, 111. 
National Spotted Poland China Record Association — 8180 Rosemeade 

Lane, Indianapolis 20, Ind. 
American Spotted Poland China Record Association — Moberly, Missouri 
Tamworth Swine Association — 501 E. Losey St., Galesburg, 111. 
American Yorkshire Club — 1001 South St., Lafayette, Indiana 
American Landrace Association — Box 29, Noblesville, Indiana 
Inbred Livestock Registry Assn. — Box 70, Twin Hills, Excelsior, Minn. 
OIC Swine Breeders' Association — Greencastle, Ind. 
Ky. Red Berkshire Swine Record Assn. — 303 Stanford St., Lancaster, Ky. 



American Cheviot Society, Inc.— 5051 Flourtown Rd., Lafayette Hill, Pa. 
American Corriedale Association — 108 Parkhill Ave., Columbus, Mo. 
American Cotswald Record Association — Sigel, 111. 
CoLUMBU Sheep Breeders' Association — Fort Collins, Colo. 
Continental Dorset Club — Box 217, Hickory, Pennsylvania 
American Hampshire Sheep Association — Box 7, Stuart, Iowa 
Karakul Fur Sheep Registry — Fabius, N. Y. 

National Lincoln Sheep Breeders' Assocution — West Milton RD 1, Ohio 
American and Delaine Merino Record Association — 4000 Water St., Wheel- 
ing, W. Va. 

American Oxford Down Record Assocution — Eaton Rapids, Michigan 
American Rambouillet Sheep Breeders' Assocution — 2709 Sherwood Way, 
San Angelo, Texas 

American Romney Breeders' Association— 200 Wittycomble Hall, Corvallis, 

American Shropshire Registry Assocution— Box 678, Lafayette, Indiana 
American Southdown Breeders' Assocution — 212 South Allen St., State 

College, Pennsylvania 
American Suffolk Sheep Society — University of Idaho, Box 226, Moscow, 


National Suffolk Sheep Assocution — P.O. Box 324, Columbia, Mo. 
Black-Top Delaine Merino Sheep Breeders' Assn. — Howell RD 4, Mich. 
Black-Top & Natl. Delaine Merino Sheep Assn.— 311 Valley View Terrace, 
Canonsburg, Pa. 

Texas Delaine Merino Record Association— Burnet RD 1, Texas 
United Karakul Registry— 3459 N. Verdugo Rd., Glendale 8, Calif. 
Montadale Sheep Breeders' Association — 61 Angelica St., St. Louis 7, Mo. 
American Panama Registry Assocution — Rupert RD 2, Idaho 
Natl. Tunis Sheep Registry — 106 Liberty St., Bath, N. Y. 


The American Dairy Cattle Club — Interlaken, New York 
The American Guernsey Cattle Club — Peterborough, New Hampshire 
The American Jersey Cattle Club — 1521 E. Broad St., Columbus 5, Ohio 
The Ayrshire Breeders' Assocution — Brandon, Vermont 
The Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders' Ass'n of America — Beloit, Wisconsin 
The Dutch Belted Cattle Association of America — Manteno, Illinois 
The Holstein-Friesian Assocution of America — Brattleboro, Vermont 
Holstein-Friesian Assocution of Canada — Brauitford, Ontario 
Holstein-Friesun Registry Assocution, Inc. — 201 State St., Harrisburg, 

The Milking Shorthorn Society — 313 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield 4, Mo. 


American Milk Goat Record Assocution — Boxtic, N. Carolina 
American Goat Society, Inc. — Mena, Arkansas 

American Angora Goat Breeders' Assocution — P.O. Box 195, Rocksprings, 



Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Freeman Glass, Gardners RD 1 

Adams Coimty Farmers' Assn Calvin Bream, Gettysburg RD 3 

Adams County Holstein Breeders . . Adam Lobaugh, Aspers RD 1 
Adams Coimty Fniit Growers Assn. . Richard Slaybaugh, Biglerville RD 1 
Adams County Poultry Federation . . Carl Seifrit, Box 162, Gettysburg 
Adams Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn. , . Howard Schwartz, Littlestown RD 1 
Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc. . . John Kershaw, Gettysburg (Mgr.) 

Cooperative Fruit Growers Everett Weiser, York Springs RD 1 

Farm Loan Assn Kenneth F. Miller, 146 York St., 


Knouse Foods Co-op Judson Davids, Carlisle 

South Moimtain Fair Assn Wayne R. Criswell, Arendtsville 


Pomona Grange Mrs. R. J. Cooper, Gibsonia RD 1 

Beekeepers' Assn Mrs. Wayne Horton, Box 522, California 

Ave., Turtle Creek 

Golf Course Superintendents Assn. of 
Western Pennsylvania James Sinclair, Irwin 

Men's Garden Club of Pittsburgh . . S. H. Klinginsmith, Box 270 Saxon- 
burg Blvd., Pittsburgh 15 

Fniit & Vegetable Growers' Assn. . . Eugene H. Schramm, 7410 McKnight 

Rd., Pittsburgh 37 

Allegheny Covmty Fair Assn Miss Betty Colosimo, 411 Courthouse, 

Pittsburgh 19 

Allegheny Coimty Division, Women's 

National Farm and Garden Mrs. H. O. Baldauf, 317 Goldsmith Rd., 

Pittsburgh 37 

Pittsburgh Dairy Goat Assn Mrs. Frank GuzeU, Box 39A, Canons- 
burg RD 1 

City Farmers' Club Knox Bassett, Dravo Bldg., 5th & Lib- 
erty Sts., Pittsburgh 22 

W. Pa. Flower Growers Louis Helbling, c/o L. Hahn & Son, 

Babcock Blvd., Pittsburgh 

W. Pa. Nurserymen's Assn Frank Curto, Phipps Conservatory, 

Schenley Park, Pittsburgh 


Pomona Grange Don McCullough, Karns City RD 2 

Farm Loan Assn Leroy Miller, 310 Butler Co. Nat. Bank 

Bldg., Butler 

Armstrong Coimty Holstein Club . . John FUippini, Avonmore RD 1 

Sheep & Wool Growers' Co-op Chalmer H. Gould, Kittanning RD 7 

Armstrong County Artificial Breed- 
ing Co-operative Assn. . R. M. Neal, Dayton RD 2 

Armstrong Farm Bureau Co-op. 
Assn Carl Williams, Jr., Ford City RD 2 

Dayton Agr. & Mech. Assn Mrs. Shirley Huff, Dayton 

Agricultural Forum of 

Armstrong Coimty Ralph Weckerly, Kittanning RD 7 


Pomona Grange Miss Mary Jordan, 401 Pleasant Dr., 


Farm Loan Assn LeRoy Miller, 804 Turnpike St., Beaver 

Beaver Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op Milton Swick, Beaver Falls RD 2 

Beaver Co. Cooperative Assn A. T. Anderson, Box 66, Beaver 


Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Pomona Grange Mrs. Mary Taylor Schellsburg 

Bedford Co. Farmers Assn Gerald Schaeffer, Bedford RD 4 

Bedford Rural Electric Co-op., Inc. . . Perry G. Wilson, Bedford ( Mgr ) 
New Enterprise Electric Co-op. ... Lloyd King, New Enterprise (Mgr.) 

Jersey Cattle Club Richard Hershberger, Star Rt., Everett 

Fair Association Jean B. Eichelberger, Bedford 

Bedford Artificial Breeding Co-op. . , Wilson Martz, Bedford RD 3 

Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op Blair Dibert, Everett RD 1 

Bedford Holstein Club Randolf Hite, Bedford RD 3 

Bedford Co. Allied Milk Producers' 

Co.op Fred Barefoot, Alum Bank 

So. Central Pa. Beef Producers' , , „ , a n At AT>-no 
y^ssn . John Harclerode, Bedford RD 2 

Bedford Co. Garden Club Mrs. John R. Blackburn, Jr., Juliana 

Heights, Bedford 


Pomona Grange Albert Bieber, Fleetwood RD 3 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Fern Kulp, Boyertown RD 3 

Beekeepers' Assn Daniel E. Reed, Shoemakersville RD 1 

Christmas Tree Growers' Assn John Koch, Mohnton RD 1 

Fruit Growers' Assn Aaron Ebling J r., Readmg RD 2 

Guernsey Breeders' Assn Mrs. Norman Reifsnyder, Bemville 

RD 2 

Holstein Breeders' Assn John Riegel, Sinking Springs RD 1 

Wool Growers' Assn Luther Schocker, Fleetwood RD 2 

Berks Co. Dairy Farmers' Assn Leroy Howard Oley RD 1 

Fair Association Wm. Arthur Morns, 2924 N. 5th St., 


Farm Credit Assn John Younker, Jr., 226 N. 6th Street, 


Berks County Poultry Assn Mrs. Russell Latshaw, Star Rte, Barto 

Berks-Lehigh Fruit Growers' , , , , t a 

Co.op John R. Mengel, Leesport 

Berks Co. Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn. Paul Keeney, Rehrersburg 

Berks Co. Farmers' Assn Ellis R. Kunkel, Kempton RD 2 

Berks Co. Swine Producers' Assn Wellington Hiester, Fleetwood RD 2 

Berks Implement Dealers Clyde Reinert, Berks Co. Trust Co., 



Pomona Grange Mrs. Margaret Reese Tyrone RD 

Blair County Farmers' Assn Donald Brumbauch, Martmsburg KD 

Sheep and Wool Growers' Assn Ross Burket, Tyrone RD 1 „ 

Fruit Growers' Assn Wade Mattern, 300 Union St., HoUi- 


Tyrone Artificial Breeding Co-op. Clair W. Fisher, Warriors Mark RD 

Blair County Dairymen's Assn Allison Brumbaugh, Williamsburg 

Blair Covmty Beekeepers' Assn John Despot, HoUidaysburg RD 2 

National Farm Loan Assn Robert L. Ackers, HoUidaysburg 

Morrison Cove Artificial Breeding ^, . ^, „,.„. , ^j^cy 
Co op Calvin Baker, Williamsburg RD 2 

Cove Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn W. H. Russell, Sr., Woodbury RD 1 

Blair Co. Holstem Breeders Milton Corle, Martmsburg RD 

Central Guernsey Breeders Byron SoUenberger, Curryville 


Pomona Grange Mrs. O. L Fish Towanda RD 5 

Claverack Electric Co-op., Inc J. L. Hubbard, Towanda (Mgr.) 

Cooperative Holstein-Friesian Assn. Leon Ballard, Troy RD 3 



Organization Nome and Address of Secretary 

Guernsey Breeders' Assn Mrs. Scott Jackson Columbia Crossroads 

RH) 2, Pa. 

Jersey Breeders' Assn Claude S. Gorham, LaRaysviUe 

Co-op. Sheep & Wool Growers' Assn.. A. E.Drake, TowandaRD 5 
Bradco Egg Producers' Cooperative . Miss Florence Frawley, 211 Mam bt., 


East. Bradford Artificial Breeding , „, , 

Co.op U. M. Holmes, Wysox RD 1 

West. Bradford Artificial Breeding , , , ^ ^ , t,t^ 
op Merle Bacon, Towanda RD 

Bradford Co. Farmers' Assn Walter Kolaga, Nichols RD 2, N. Y. 

Bradford Co. Beekeepers Assn Robert Crimbrmg, Canton 


Bucks County Farmers' Assn Mrs. Elliott Myers, Bird School Rd., 


Lower Bucks County Pomona t • o -.n, m tj t?t^ o 

Grange Mrs. Ivm Smith, New Hope RD 2 

Upper Bucks County Pomona , n T?r> i 

Grange Mrs. J. Wm. Andre, Riegelsville RD 1 

Guernsey Assn Mrs. Paul Daniels, Pineville 

Holstein Assn. Mr. Thomas VanSaht, Doylestown RD 3 

Producers' Cooperative Assn Lester Brinker, Doylestown 

Fruit Growers' Assn Lloyd Ott, Ottsville ^ , „ 

Jersey Cattle Club Wesley Trumbauer, Laiisdale RD 2 

Farm Loan Assn Herbert Kratz, Broad Street, Doyles- 

Delaware VaUey Milk Goat Assn. ... Mrs. Jack Waters, Norristown RD 4 
Bucks-Montgomery Co-op. Wool _ » • t^u t~. i 

Pool ... Mrs. R. Moerman, Admm. Bldg., Doyles- 


Philadelphia Vegetable Growers .... Elmer Myers, 1745 Park Ave., Corn- 
wells Heights 

Keystone Vegetable Growers' Co-op. Bradford Snipes, Morrisville RD 1 

Bucks Co. Poultry Assn Stephen Ferdo, 145 S. Shady Retreat 

Rd., Doylestown 

Montgomery-Bucks Farm Bureau - , , xt ^ir i 

Cooperative Assn Allen Kriebel, North Wales 

Bucks Co. Beekeepers' Assn Lilian Zentgraf, Warrmgton 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Charles F. Martsolf, Butler RD 5 

Potato Growers' Assn LeeRoy Miller, 210 Mellon Bank 

Bldg., Butler 

Butler Fair Assn Dale Fleming, 234 Cecelia St., Butler 

Farm Loan Assn. and Butler t> i 

Production Credit Assn LeeRoy Miller, 210 MeUon Bank 

Bldg., Butler 

Butler Co. Artificial Breeding Co-op. Lawrence Marburger. Evans City RD 2 
Butler Co. Holstein Breeders' Assn. Dale Hartzell, Butler RD 6 
Butler-Lawrence Co. Guernsey t-. . ^ t=.t-» i 

Breeders Assn. James Trotter, Rochester tiU L 

Northwestern Pa. Hereford Beeders , , • tt i rr. ■ ^^.„ 

Assn Rev. Fr. Anselm Oroloski, Holy Trmity 

Monastery, Butler RD 4 

Butler Farm Show, Inc John Graham, Holyoke Road, Butler 

RD 1 

Butler Co. Farmers' Assn Donald Crummy, Valencia RD 2 

Butler Farmers' Market Robert Hemmerlm, Portersville 


BUTLER COUNTY — Continued 
Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Associated Milk Producers and 

Handlers Dale Fleming, 234 Cecelia St., Butler 

Country Belle Cooperative Farmers Wendell Smith, Butler RD 4 
Butler Co. Farm Bureau Co-op. 

Assn Alvin Meyers, Box 172, Sarver RD 1 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Carl Durbin, Patton RD 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Morgan Blough, 108 Donald 

Lane, Johnstown 

Cambria Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op Lawrence Harties, Jr., Ebensburg 

Cambria Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn. E. J. Westrick, Carrolltown 
Cambria County Holstein Club Theo. Mainhart, Portage RD 




Pomona Grange Samuel George, Palmerton RD 1 

Dairy Assn. Irwin Steigerwalt, Lehigh ton RD 1 

Cooperative Potato Growers' Assn. . . Norman Strohl, Lehighton RD 3 

Farmers' Union LeRoy Faust, Weatherly RD 1 

Carbon Co. Agricultural Assn Grant Bossard, 1001 Mahoning St., Le- 


Centre County Farmers' Assn William Everhart, State College RD 

Pomona Grange Mrs. Earl Homan, Pennsylvania Fur- 

Sheep and Wool Growers' Assn H. Malcolm Musser, Bellefonte RD 1 

Beekeepers' Assn Robert Barr, Port Matilda, RD 

Centre Coxmty Goat Assn Frank Glenn, Lemont 

Centre Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op Robert Homan, State College RD 

Centre Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn. John A. Decker, Howard RD 
Centre-Clearfield Co-op. Council . . Wayne Keener, Boalsburg 

Holstein Breeders' Assn Mrs. Gladys Rearick, Millheim 

Centre Co. Agricultural Forum Ellis Peters, Port Matilda RD 


Chester-Delaware Pomona Grange Mrs. William Yarnall, West Chester 

RD 4 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Theodore Mathias, Oxford RD 3 

Farm Loan Assn Herbert E. Kratz, 305 Farmers' & Me- 
chanics Bldg., West Chester 

Ayrshire Breeders' Assn Susan Young, Box 246, West Grove 

Jersey Cattle Club . . Mildred Seeds, Downingtown RD 2 

Holstein-Friesian Assn Earl L. Umble, Atglen RD 1 

Guernsey Breeders' Assn Frank Le Patourel, West Grove RD 1 

Chester-Delaware Counties Fruit 

Growers Assn. Robert H. Hodge, West Chester, RD 4 

Producers' Cooperative Exchange . . . H. Raymond Stoner, 1051 Eden Rd., 


Mushroom Growers' Co-op. Assn. 

of Pa Anthony Citino, Birch St., Kennett Sq. 

Chester-Delaware Farm Bureau 

Cooperative Assn. Gordon P. Jones, Avondale RD 1 

Chester Co. Flower Growers' Assn. . . Frank P. Walton, Kennett Square RD 1 



Organiiation Name and Address of Secretary 

Chester Co. Farmers' Assn John F. Styer, Jr., Cochranville RD 2 

Chester Co. Beekeepers' Assn Mrs. George Faix, 423 Mt. Alverno Rd., 


Chester-Delaware Co. Poultry Assn. Manley Case, Coatesville RD 4 

American Mushroom Institute Henry Ciarrocchi, Toughkenamon 

Middle Atlantic Carnation Growers Irvin W. Allott, 159 N. Chester Rd., 

West Chester 


Mrs. C. R. Wassvun, Curllsville 

Donald Rough, Mellon Bank, Butler 

Pomona Grsmge . . 
Farm Loan Assn. 
Clarion Co. Farm Bureau Co-op. 


Central Electric Co-op., Inc 

Sheep and Wool Growers' Assn 

Guernsey Breeders' Assn 

Clarion Co. Holstein Breeders' Assn. 
Clarion Co. Artificial Breeding 


Clarion Co. Poiiltry Assn 

W. Penna. Artificial Breeding 


. Dale H. Rhoads, Emlenton RD 1 
. William McKinley, Parker (Mgr.) 
. Frank Craig, Sligo 

J. P. Moggy, Sligo RD 

Paul Kirkpatrick, New Bethlehem RD. 1 

. Robert Hartman, New Bethlehem RD 
Ernest Rhoads, Fairmount City, RD 1 

Clyde S. Robison, Coal Center 

Pomona Grange 

Beekeepers' Assn. 

Clearfield County Agricultural 

Clearfield Co. Artificial Breeding 

Clearfield Electric Co-op., Inc 

Clearfield Co. Milk Producers Assn. 

Clearfield County Poultry and Egg 
Producers Assn. 


Mrs. M. E. McCue, Curwensville 
George Lucas, Irvona 

Mr. E. Clair Davis, 1008 Old Town Rd., 

Ira C. Kriner, DuBois RD 1 

J. RUey Fulmer, Jr., Clearfield (Mgr.) 

Elmer Lezzer, CurwensvUle 

Albert C. Hayes, Luthersburg 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Talbot Smith, Salona RD 

Farm Loan Assn Hervey S. Dershem, Lewisburg 

Tobacco Growers' Assn Hans Fritz, Lock Haven 

Clinton Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op Richard Fox, Jersey Shore RD 

Clinton Co. Holstein Breeders' Assn. Doyle Heltman, Mill HaU RD 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Ruth Culver, Shickshinny RD 1 

Columbia Co. Farmers' Assn Hanley Gassert, Bloomsburg RD 3 

Guernsey Breeders' Assn Glenn Seely, Bloomsburg RD 2 

Columbia County Fair Assn Dan Kressler, Bloomsburg RD 1 

Luco Artificial Breeding Co-op Ario Everett, Berwick 

Berwick Vegetable Co-op Fred Wright, 515 Northampton St., 



Pomona Grange Mrs. Donald J. Pier, Spartansburg RD 3 

Farm Loan Assn Norman Rough, Masonic Bldg., Mead- 


Holstein-Friesian Assn Ralph DeViUars, Cochranton RD 4 


Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Northwestern Rural Electric 

Co-op Inc ... William Wenner, Cambridge Sprmgs 


N. W. Penna. Wool Growers' Assn. H. T. Miles, Titusville RD 3 

Beekeepers' Assn Mrs. Ralph Spring, Meadville RD 1 

Crawford Co. Artificial Breeding ^ ^ ^ 

Co-op. Assn Paul Mitchell, 307 Randolph St., Mead- 

Titusville Artificial Breeding Co-op. Paul Kunz, Centerville RD 1 

Cochranton Cooperative Assn Russell W. Mook, Mgr., Cochranton 

Meadville Co-op. Assn Arthur Wykoff, 191 Mercer St., Mead- 

Crawford Co. Farmers' Assn Mrs. Ralph Hummer, Titusville RD 1 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Lynn Frick, Carlisle RD 5 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Muriel Byers, Carlisle RD 1 

Farm Loan Assn Kenneth F. Miller, 145 S. Duke St., York 

Holstein-Friesian Assn Creedin Comman, Carlisle RD 6 

Guernsey Breeders Assn George Strock, Mechanicsburg RD 2 

Jersey Assn. Meryl H. Sheafler, Carlisle RD 4 

Cooperative Wool Growers' Assn. . . .Roy H. Miller, 549 "C" St., Carlisle 
Cumberland Farm Bureau Co-op. Willard Fought, Mechanicsburg RD 2 

Cumberland Valley Co-op. Assn Walter C. Nickles, Shippensburg 

Carlisle Fair Assn H. Eugene Sheely, 176 Glendale St., 


Cimiberland Coimty Farmers' Assn. . Donald Thrush, Shippensburg RD 1 

Carlisle Production Credit Assn Robert E. Stover, 145 S. Duke St., York 

Shippensburg Fair Assn H. Glenn Smith, Box 202, Shippensburg 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Gladys Whitaker, Halifax RD 2 

Farm Loan Assn Paul B. Whipple, 411 W. Roseville Rd., 


Dauphin Co. Farmers' Assn Harry Ulrich, Harrisburg RD 3 

Gratz Fair Assn Gilbert Koppenhaver, Gratz 

Production Credit Assn Paul B. Whipple, 411 W. Roseville Rd., 


Holstein Assn. Paul Miller, Linglestown RD 1 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Wilber Erb, Harrisburg RD 1 

Beekeepers' Assn John Howard, Hummelstown RD 1 


Chester-Delaware Pomona Grange Mrs. William Yarnall, West Chester 

RD 4 

Chester-Delaware Counties Fruit 

Growers' Assn Robert H. Hodge, West Chester RD 4 

Chester-Delaware Farm Bureau 

Cooperative Assn Gordon P. Jones, Avondale RD 1 

Chester-Delaware Poultry Assn Manley Case, Coatesville RD 4 

Delaware Co. Florists' Assn Robert D. Cole, Jr., 1116 MacDade 

Blvd., Collingdale 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Harriet Moyer, Kersey RD 

Potato Growers' Assn E. E. Schmiedel, Ridgway, Star Rt. 

Artificial Breeding Cooperative Glenn W. Olson, Portland Mills, RD 1 




Pomona Grange 

Keystone Cooperative Grape Assn. . 

Erie Co. Horticultural Assn 

Erie Co. Artificial Breeding Co-op. 

Erie-Crawford Dairy Co-op 

Union City Co-op. Assn 

Erie Co. Farmers' Assn. 

Erie Co. Holstein Breeders' Assn. . . 
Northwestern Penna. Potato 


Erie Co. Fair Assn 

Name and Address of Secretory 

Clifford Haynes, Waterford RD 4 
. HaroldPage, 18 Town St., North East 
. Richard Luke, Harborcreek RD 1 

Norman Yost, Wattsburg RD 2 
. John Barney, Waterford RD 2 
. Fred W. Bauer, 20 South St., Union City 
. Robert Niemeyer, Harborcreek RD 1 
. Vere Woods, Edinboro RD 4 

Seth BaUog, Union City RD 3 
Harry Burrows, Wattsburg RD 2 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Ruth Aim Gordon, Dawson 

Wool Growers' Assn E. H. Vail, New Salem 

Fayette Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op J. Lewis Williams, Uniontown 

Fayette Co. Holstein Breeders' Assn. , W. B. Parshall, 9 Court St., Uniontown 
Fayette Co. Guernsey Breeders' Assn.Jesse Stauffer, Acme 
Farmers' Cooperative Dairy Assn. Mrs. Ruth Aim Gordon, Dawson 
Fayette Co. Agricultural Improve- 
ment Assn Wilbur Cook, Uniontown RD 4' 

Fayette Co. Coimcil of Farm 

Cooperatives S. L. Randlett, Farmington 

Rural Resource Development Assn. A. J. D'Antonio, E. Millsboro RD 1 


Forest County Camp Assn Mrs. J. G. Handy, PleasantviUe, RD 1 


Franklin Co. Farm Loan Assn Joseph Barkdoll, Mont Alto 

Franklin Co. Guernsey Breeders' 

Assn. Marion Benedict, Waynesboro RD 1 

Franklin Co. Horticultural Society J. H. Knode, Chambersburg 

Sheep and Wool Growers' Assn Dale Coons, Dry Rxm 

Franklin Co. Holstein Breeders' Assn.John He, Jr., Newburg RD 1 

Franklin Co. Poultry Assn. Arthur Lehman, Chambersburg RD 6 

Franklin Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn. . M. Dice Statler, Chambersburg RD 6 

Franklin Co. Farmers' Assn Frank J. Dice, Chambersburg RD 4 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Merrill Bivens, St. Thomas RD 1 

Farmers' Union Cooperative, Inc. , . . Preston D. Hykes, Greencastle RD 1 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Walter Purnell, WeUs Tannery 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Thurman E. Nesbitt, McConnells- 


Fulton County Fair Assn Mrs. Helen Mosebey, Wells Tannery 

Fulton Co. Farmers' Assn James Gordon, McConnellsburg 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Harold Wilson, Waynesburg RD 2 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Ralph VanDruff, Spraggs RD 1 

Farm Loan Assn Robert Morrison, 102 S. Main St., Wash- 

The Richhill Agricultural Assn Thomas M. Tharp, Wind Ridge 

Southwestern Pa. Livestock 

Co-op. Assn Mrs. Flora Haught Burge, Waynesburg 

Greene Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op Ben W. Jacobs, Waynesburg 


GREENE COUNTY — Continued 

Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Greene County Purebred Livestock 

Breeders' Assn Donald C. Minor, 575 Huffman St., 


Greene Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn. . . Clarence P. Grimes, Waynesburg RD 1 

Greene County Free Fair Charles Clark, Waynesburg 

Greene Co. Sheep & Wool Growers' 

Assn Mrs. Charles L. Phillips, Waynesburg 

RD 5 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Clara Jones, Alexandria 

Agricultural Fair Assn John McCracken, 1115 Mifflin St., 


Artificial Breeding Co-operative . . Harold Davis, Huntingdon RD 2 
Huntingdon Co. Holstein Breeders' 

Assn James Davis, Petersburg RD 1 

Huntingdon Co. Poultry Assn George Knott, Alexandria RD 

Huntingdon Co. Farmers' Assn Fred Huey, AUensville 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Elmer Harper, Shirleysburg RD 

Valley Rural Electric Co-op., Inc. . . . J. H. Denton, Box 397, Denton (Mgr.) 
Huntingdon Co. Agr. Development 

Council Chester Smith, Huntingdon RD 3 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Edna Casady, Smicksburg RD 1 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Mae Dick, Penn Run 

National Farm Loan Assn James K. McElhoes, Indiana 

Southwest Central Electric 

Co-op., Inc Sterling Orange, Indiana (Mgr.) 

Holstein Assn Day K. Nichol, Indiana RD 4 

Jersey Cattle Club Wallace Pollock, Marion Center RD 2 

Guernsey Cattle Club Thomas Mikesell, Jr. Indiana RD 1 

Fruit Growers Assn Homer Bennett, Barnesboro RD 2 

Sheep and Wool Growers' Assn D. K. Nichol, Indiana RD 4 

Indiana County Agricultural Society J. Murray Buterbaugh, Box 347, 


Indiana Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op Eugene Thompson, Marion Center RD 2 

Indiana Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn. . . Wilbur Bell, Indiana RD 1 

Indiana Co. Farmers' Assn Mrs. Guy Stutzman, Indiana RD 2 

Indiana Marketing Cooperative Richard Black, Marion Center RD 2 

Indiana Co. Christmas Tree Growers 

Assn Regis A. McKnight, Indiana RD 1 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Henry McAninch, Reynoldsville 

RD 2 

Holstein Breeders' Assn Kay Reitz, Mayport RD 2 

Guernsey Breeders' Assn Henry Verbeke, ReynoldsvUle RD 2 

Jersey Breeders' Assn Mrs. John Hetrick, Punxsutawney 

RD 4 

Jefferson Farm Bureau Co-op., Assn. Rufus Himes, Brookville RD 3 
Jefferson Co. Artificial Breeding 

Assn Joe Shields, Summerville RD 1 

Farm Loan Assn James K. McElhoes, Indiana 

North Central Cooperative Beef 

Breeders' Assn Charles Mortimer, Munderf Star Rt., 


Jefferson Electric Co-op., Inc J. E. Nicholson, BrookvUle (Mgr.) 

Mahoning Farm Bureau 

Co-op., Assn Henry Wingert, Punxsutawney RD 5 


Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Pomona Grange Mrs. Pearl Woodward, Port Royal, 

RD 2 

Juniata County Agricultural Society 

(Port Royal Fair Assn.) Dwight B. Hower, Sr., Port Royal 

Juniata Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op Richard Crawford, Port Royal RD 

Juniata Co. Holstein Club . Richard Crawford, Port Royal RD 

Juniata Co. Farmers' Assn Warren K. Zook, Mifflintown RD 1 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Mary McLain, Moscow RD 2 

Horticultural Assn Marvin Miller, Clarks Simomit RD 1 

Lackawaima Beekeepers' Assn Howard Griggs, Clarks Summit RD 2 

Co-op. Farmers' Night Market Kenneth Seamans, Factoryville RD 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Elizabeth Eby, Kinzers RD 1 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Grayson M. Cooper, Peach 

Bottom RD 1 

Farm Loan Assn Paul B. Whipple, 411 W. Roseville Rd., 


Lancaster Co. Production Credit 

Assn Pavil B. Whipple, 411 W. Roseville Rd., 


Lancaster Farm Bureau Co-op. 

Assn Robert M. Hood, P.O. Box 1197, Lan- 

Lancaster Co. Farmers' Assn Donald E. Ney, Marietta RD 1 

Producers Co-op. Exchange John H. Herr, Lancaster RD 7 

Lancaster Co. Agricultural Council Richard Hoover, 222 P.O. Bldg., Lan- 

Lancaster Producers Livestock 

Co-op. Wilbur Snyder, Moimt Joy RD 1 

Lancaster Livestock Exchange Walter M. Dunlap, Jr., Union Stock- 
yards, Lancaster 

Southeastern Penna. Artificial 

Breeding Cooperative Lee Poorbaugh, York RD 3 

Ayrshire Breeders' Assn Roy BotweU, Masonic Home Farm, Eliz- 


Garden Spot Guernsey Breeders' 

Assn. James Lefever, Quarryville RD 3 

Holstein Breeders' Assn Jay E. Landis, Lancaster RD 6 

Mt. Joy Dairy Farmers' Co-op Henry H. Eby, Mt. Joy 

Lancaster Co. Swine Producers' 

Assn James Martin, East Earl RDl 

Poultry Assn Robert G. Harnish, Conestoga RD 2 

Lancaster Co. Beekeepers' Assn Walter T. Becker, Mt. Joy RD 2 

Florists Assn. Allen Bewley, Leacock 

Fruit Growers' Assn Roy Erb, 118 Kreider Ave., Lancaster 

Lancaster Co. Tobacco Growers' 

Co-op Arthur Reist, 1050 Eden Rd., Lancaster 

Tobacco Growers' Assn Marlin L. Cassel, Manheim RD 1 

Wash. Boro Tomato Growers' Co-op. Paul W. Eshelman, Rohrerstown 
Lancaster Co. Farm Implement 

Dealers Assn Robert Heisey, c/o N. G. Hershey Co., 





Pomona Grange 

Fruit Growers' Assn. 

Cooperative Wool Growers', Inc. 
Lawrence Co. Artificial Breeding 


Lawrence County Farmers' Assn. . 

Name and Address of Secretary 

. Gertrude Chapin, New Castle RD 3 
. John Bovard, New Castle RD 4 
Guy M. Fullerton, Enon Valley RD 2 

Mrs. Helen Tebay, Wampum 
. Merle Clark, Enon Valley RD 1 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Peter Boltz, Lebanon RD 3 

Farm Loan Assn Paul Whipple, 411 W. Roseville Rd., 


Lebanon Valley Co-op Fruit 

Growers' Assn Ira Dutweiler, 36 N. 8th St., Lebanon 

Lebanon Val. Farm Bureau Co-op. . . Luke R. Grubb, Annville RD 1 

Holstein Breeders' Assn Clifford Groff, Lebanon RD 1 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Delbert J. Steinmetz, Kleinfelters- 


Lebanon Valley Dairy Assn. Victor K. Ziegler, Myerstown RD 2 

Lebanon Valley Poultry Assn Miles Moyer, Fredericksburg RD 1 

Lebanon County Beekeepers' Assn. . Robert Balsbaugh, Myerstown RD 2 
Lebanon Co. Farmers' Assn Henry Bomberger, Fredericksburg RD 1 


Pomona Grange W. F. Masters, Breinigsville RD 1 

Lehigh Co. Holstein Assn Willard Hamm, New Tripoli RD 1 

Lehigh VaUey Beekeepers' Assn. . . . Alfred Beswick, 261 E. Fairview St. 


Lehigh Valley Egg Producers' 

Co-op Gerald Hunsicker, Mertztown RD 1 

Farm Loan Assn Russel Rupp, 1060 N. 7th St., Allen- 

Lehigh County Agricultural Society . Philip Storch, 302 N. 17th St., Allen- 

Lehigh VaUey Cooperative Farmers . Charles Hoffman, 1026 North 7th St., 


Lehigh Farm Bureau Cooperative Wm. Kistler, Jr. Kempton RD 1 

Lehigh Co. Farmers' Assn David Semmel, Slatington RD 1 

Lehigh Co. Potatoes Growers' Assn. Willard Hamm, New Tripoli RD 1 
Lehigh Co. Horticultural Assn Paul Wolf, Allentown RD 1 


Columbia-Lower Luzerne Pomona 

Grange B. W. Derr, Jersey Town 

Upper Luzerne- Southern Wyoming 

Pomona Grange Lillian Hildebrandt, Dallas RD 

Luzerne County Co-op., Assn Harold Brace, Dallas RD 3 

Horticultural Assn William Kisner, Berwick RD 1 

Beekeepers' Assn Ernest S. Young, 347 E. Noble St., 


Sybertsville Green Tomato Co-op. . . Wm. Frederick, Sugarloaf RD 1 
Farmers Co-op. Dairy of W. 

Hazleton Robert Astleford, Hazleton 

Farmers' Night Market Assn Fred Wright, 1407 Wyoming Ave., Forty 


Luco Artificial Breeding Co-op. . . . Ario Everett, Berwick 

Berwick Vegetable Co-op Burton Hetherington, Spring Garden 

Ave. and Scanlon St., Berwick 

Luzerne Co. Farmers' Assn Leroy Hinchcliff, Wapwallopen 

Wyoming Valley Veg. Growers .... Robert Price, 695 E. Main St., Nanti- 


Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Pomona Grange Mrs. Clyde Goldy, Williamsport RD 2 

Farm Loan Assn Hervey S. Dershem, Lewisburg 

Lycoming Co. Farmers' Assn Paul Rice, Jersey Shore RD 2 

Hughesville Fair Assn Clarence F. Stolz, 178 N. 2nd bt., 


Lycoming Co. Artificial Breeding . 

Co-op. Max Pavdhamus, Lmden RD 1 

Production Credit Assn Edgar H. Schnure, Lewisburg 

Holstein-Friesian Breeders' Assn. . Neil Mutchler, Cogan Station RD 
Milk Producers' Assn Howell Waltz, Salladasburg RD 1 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Raymond Peterson, Kane 

Sheep and Wool Growers' Assn Robert Cooper, Smethport 

McKean Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op. G. L. Carlson, Turtle Pomt 

Kane Dairy Cooperative Assn Henry Yonkie, Kane RD 

McKean Co. Holstein Assn Russell Comes, Smethport 


Co-operative Wool Growers', Inc. . . Q. R. Tait, Mercer RD 4 

Fruit Growers' Assn W. R. Forrester, Mercer RD 

Farm Loan Assn Robert J. Adsit, Meadville 

Green Valley Dairy Co-op A. D. Willaman, Transfer RD 1 

Pomona Grange Mrs. Robert Steese, Grove City RD 1 

Stoneboro Fair Assn. C. W. Ibbs, Stoneboro 

Mercer Artificial Breeding Co-op. . . L. J. Wilhelm, Sharon RD 2 
Mercer Co. Farm Bureau Co-op. 

Assn Cooper Evans, Mercer 

Pennsylvania Farmers Assn Bill Beatty, Grove City RD 2 


Union Production Credit Assn James Goodwin, Twin Valley Farm 

Bureau, W. 4th Street, Lewistovra 

Horticultural and Agricultural Assn. J. C. Thompson, 33 Grand Parkway, 


Mifflin Co. Poultry Assn James R. Snyder, Lewistown RD 1 

Mifflin Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op. Byron Peachey, Belleville 

Twin Valley Farm Bureau Co-op. . . . William J. McNitt, Jr., Milroy 
Mifflin County Farmers' Assn J. Reed Goss, Lewistown RD 3 


Pomona Grange Charles VanSciver, Taimersville 

West End Fair Assn Larry Krome, Gilbert 

Milk Producers' Cooperative Arlington Martin, Effort 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Katie Erb, Red Hill 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. George Lewis, Fairview Village 

Farm Loan Assn. and Production , ^ t.t - 

Credit Assn Herbert Kratz, 531 Swede St., Norris- 


Holstein Cattle Club A. Z. Rittenhouse, Lansdale RD 2 

Beekeepers' Assn Paul G. Haegele, Stump Rd., North 

Wales RD 

Guernsey Club Fred Seipt, Lansdale RD 1 

Tri-County Producers' Co-op. Assn. Elmo Underkoffler, Center Pomt 
Montgomery- Bucks Farm Bureau t%x-. r. 

Co-op. Assn Allen K. Kriebel, Lansdale RD 2 


Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Delaware Valley Milk Goat Assn. . . Mrs. Alice Birette, 1310 Prospect Ave., 

Croydon (Bucks County) 

Montgomery Co. Farmers' Assn Kathryn Boocock, Box 136, Skippack 

Pennsylvania Landscape and Tree 
Assn Edward Martin, 26 E. Mill Rd., Flour- 

Delaware Valley Turf Grass Assn. . . Harry Wilcox, Fairview Village 
Garden Supply Dealers of Delaware 

Valley William Rodebaugh, c/o Primex, Gar- 
den Center, Glenside 


Pomona Grange Leon Epler, Northumberland RD 1 

Montour-DeLong Fair Assn Mrs. Betty Stamm, Danville RD 2 


Pomona Grange W. F. Masters, BreinigsvUle, RD 

Cooperative Potato Growers Robert Jones, Bath RD 1 

Farm Bureau Cooperative Assn David Houck, Nazareth RD 3 

Lehigh Valley Egg Producers' 

Co-op Paul Smith, Bethlehem RD 1 

Farm Loan Assn RusseU W. Rupp, 1160 North 7th St., 


Holstein Breeders' Assn Edwin Gima, Pen Argyl RD 1 

Beekeepers' Assn Alfred Beswick, 261 E. Fairview St., 


Cooperative Wool Growers' Assn. L. F. Nicholas, Bangor RD 2 
Lehigh Valley Cooperative 

Farmers Charles Hoffman, 1160 North 7th St., 


Northampton Co. Farmers' Assn. . Floyd J. Lahr, Nazareth RD 2 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Oscar Drvmi, Svmbury RD 1 

Sheep and Wool Growers' Assn Ira Geise, Northumberland RD 1 

Farm Loan Assn Edgar Schnure, Lewisburg 

Farmers' Equity Assn Russel Brosius, Sunbury RD 3 

Northumberland Co. Farmers' Assn. George W. Richard, Elysburg RD 1 
Northmnberland Co. Holstein 

Breeders' Assn Carl Swartz, Milton RD 2 

Northumberland Area Guernsey 

Breeders' Assn. Ray Walborn, Dalmatia RD 1 

Northimiberland Co. Poultry Assn. . . Newton Sulouff , Northumberland RD 1 


Pomona Grange Walter T. Smith, Millerstown 

Perry Farm Bureau Cooperative . . John McKeehan, Blain 
Perry Co. Artificial Breeding Co-op. . Bertus Smith, LoysvUle 

Guernsey Breeders' Assn Helen Ebersole, Dimcannon RD 1 

Holstein Breeders' Assn Ralph Smith, Millerstown 

Pennsylvania Farmers' Assn Kenneth Beaver, Millerstown RD 2 


Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Estelle L. Sharp, Berwyn 

Philadelphia Gardeners' Assn Robert Pennewell, Morris Arboretum, 

Philadelphia 18 

Philadelphia Society for Promoting 

Agriculture William H. White, 220 S. 16th Street, 

Philadelphia 2, Pa. 

Philadelphia Vegetable Growers' 

Cooperative Assn Elmer F. Myers, Trevose 



Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Phila. Golf Course Superintendents . Frank I. Shuman, 309 Oreland Mill Rd., 


Quaker City Farmers E. L. Worthington, 112 N. Twelfth St., 

Philadelphia 7 

Philadelphia Rose Society Elizabeth Klaus, 5506 N. 6th St. Phil- 
adelphia 20 


Monroe-Pike Pomona Grange Mrs. Elsie Eckert, Greeley 

Delaware Valley Fair Assn Mrs. Cynthia Van Lierde, MUford 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Elsie Sarginger, Coudersport RD 4 

Farm Loan Assn David Riunsey, Coudersport 

Holstein Breeders' Club Everett Gooch, Coudersport RD 

Farmers' Alliance & Industrial 

Union Harold Higley, Shinglehouse 

Sheep and Wool Growers' Assn Miss Elizabeth Neff, Coudersport RD 

Potter Co. Artificial Breeding Co-op. Earl Highley, Shinglehouse 

Potter Co. Poultry Co-op Mrs. Harold Lambert, Shinglehouse RD 

Allegheny Mountain Vegetable 

Growers' Cooperative P. R. Smith, Ulysses 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Evelyn Heisler, Tamdqua RD 1 

Farm Loan Assn Russell W. Rupp, Allentown 

Potato Growers' Cooperative Assn. . . Irvin A. Seltzer, II, Ringtown 

Beekeepers' Assn Richard Malick, 307 N. Third St., 

Potts ville 

Schuylkill Coimty Christmas Tree 

Growers Assn. Roger Tobias, Pine Grove RD 3 

Schuylkill County Holstein Breeders' 

Assn Carl Heisler, Tamaqua RD 1 

Schuylkill County Horticultural 

Assn Richard Maurer, Valley View 

Schuylkill Coimty Poultry Assn. . . Ned Schrope, Hegins 

Artificial Breeding Cooperative Carl Brown, Schuylkill Haven RD 2 

Schuylkill Farm Bureau Co-op. 

Assn Howard Mimm, McKeansburg 

Mahantongo Valley Farm Bureau 

Cooperative Assn. Leroy Heim, Pitman 

Schuylkill County Farmers' Assn. . . . Chester Heim, Pitman 


Snyder- Southern Northvtmberland 

Pomona Grange Mrs. Randall Rearick Beavertown RD 1 

Fruit Growers' Assn Floyd Graybill, Richfield 

Holstein Breeders' Assn Richard Nerhood, Beavertown RD 1 

Artificial Breeding Cooperative Parke W. Herbster, Middleburg RD 1 

Christmas Tree Growers' 

Association Orrie Snook, Beaver Springs RD 1 

Snyder Co. Poultry Assn Edwin A. Rhoads, 214 N. Market St., 


Snyder Co. Farmers' Assn Calvin C. Fisher, Selinsgrove RD 1 


Organization Name and Address of Setretary 

Pomona Grange Mrs. Dorothy Gindlesperger, Rockwood 

RD 1 

Sheep and Wool Growers' Assn George C. Keim, Central City RD 1 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Lloyd Reitz, Fnedens RD 1 

Artificial Breeding Cooperative .... George Marteeney, Somerset RD 6 

Holstein Breeders' Club Glenn Piatt, Somerset RD 4 

Guernsey Breeders' Club Earl Stutzman, Holsopple RD 1 

Horse and Mule Assn Lewis Maust, Berlin RD 4 

Somerset Co. Horse & Saddle Assn. . . Mary Ann James, W. Garrett St., 


Somerset Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn. Elmer W. Miller, Somerset RD 4 
Somerset Rural Electric Co-op., 

Inc Douglas Smith, Somerset (Mgr.) 

Pennsylvania Farmers' Assn Joseph M. Johns, DavidsviUe 

Somerset Co. Maple Producers' 

Assn Jane Wable, Fort HiU RD 1 

Somerset Co. Resources Committee John Snyder, Garrett 


Pomona Grange (Bradford-Sullivan) Mrs. Ruth G. Fish, Towanda RD 5 

Agricultural Co-operative Assn Carl D. Molyneux, Forksville 

Agricultural Society Archie Norton, Forksville 

Sulbra Artificial Breeding Co-op. . . Ivan Waltman, New Albany 

Sullivan Co. Holstein Club William Frazier, Jr., Muncy Valley RD 

Sullivan Electric Co-op., Inc Wesley Thomas, Forksville (Mgr.) 


Pomona Grange Mary Green, Springville RD 2 

Holstein Breeders' Club William Curley, Montrose RD 5 

Cooperative Wool Growers' Assn. . . R. L. Stockholm, Montrose 
Suswyanna Artificial Breeding Co-op.Don Cooley, Nicholson RD 2 
Montrose Artificial Breeding Co-op. Boyd Strickland, Nicholson RD 

Harford Agricultural Society Howard Benning, Kingsley 

Susquehanna Co. Farmers Assn Mrs. Lewis Brainard, Harford 

Farmers Alliance & Industrial Union Mrs. Arthur Coy, Montrose 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Wm. Sticklin, Wellsboro 

Tioga County Farmers Assn John C. Kilbum, Wellsboro RD 5 

Tri-County Rural Electric Co-op., 

Inc Maurice Whitlock, Mansfield (Mgr.) 

Dairymen's League Cooperative .... Keith Ripley, Mansfield RD 3 

Holstein Breeders' Club Roy S. Bowen, Wellsboro RD 3 

Wool Growers' Assn Keith Owlett, Middlebury Center 

Tioga Co. Artificial Breeding Co-op. George B. Butler, Wellsboro 


Union- Montour-Northtunberland 

Pomona Grange Leon Epler, Northumberland RD 1 

Union- Snyder-Northumberland 

County Federal Land-Bank Assn. . Edgar Schnure, Lewisburg RD 2 
Union Farm Bureau Cooperative . Leon B. Epler, Northumberland RD 1 

Union County Farmers' Assn Theodore Shuck, Mifflinburg RD 1 

Production Credit Assn Edgar H. Schnure, Lewisburg 

First Perma. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op Clark H. Kostenbader, Lewisburg RD 3 

Union Co. Artificial Breeding Co-op. Donald Strouse, Watsontown RD 2 
Holstein Breeders Assn Kenneth Shuck, Mifflinburg RD 1 


Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Pomona Grange Fred Smith, Franklin RP I 

Farm Loan Assn Norman Rough, Masonic Bldg., 


Farmers' and Fruit Growers' Assn. John Huff, Franldin RD 3 

Venango Co. Farmers' Assn Julius Woods Folk «iJ/ 

Venango Co. Wool Growers' Assn. F. E. Smith, KennerdeU RD 2 

Venango Co. Beekeepers' Assn L. L. Burger, 1315 Chestnut bt.. 


Venango Poultry Assn Mrs. Fred Johnson, Van RD 1 

Venango Artificial Breeding Co-op. Charles A. McKinney Fr^in RD 2 
Venango Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn. F. C. Sterett, KennerdeU RD 2 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Myron Rapp, 113 McKinley Ave., 


Warren Electric Co-op., Inc M. D. Rhodes, Youngsv^le (Mgr.) 

Guernsey Breeders' Assn John Nordm, RusseU RD 1 

Warren Artificial Breeding Co-op. Charles Dodd, Corry RD 2 

Warren County Holstein Club Charles Dodd, Corry RD 2 

Warren County Farmers' Assn Howard VanTassel, Corry tiU A 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Catherine Stritzinger, Burgetts- 

town RD 2 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Arthur Black, FinleyviUe RD 2 

Farm Bureau Cooperative Assn James A. McGugm, Hickory KD 1 

Washington Coimty Farmers Assn. Hugo Vettorel, Washington RD 2 
National Farmers Union, 

Washington Chapter Edward Karpa, Avella RD l 

Farm LoEui Assn. Robert Morrison, 102 S. Mam St., 


Poultry Assn Hugo J. Vettorel, Washington RD 2 

Arden Downs Poultry Club Charles R. Sowers, Amity RDl 

Washington Co. Holstein Club Robert A. Kelso, McDonald RD 3 

S W. Penna. Holstein Club John Gaut, Scottdale 

Guernsey Breeders' Assn Louis Baker, Box 7, BeaUsvUle 

Jersey Breeders' Assn Thos. J. Siler, Eighty Four RD 1 

Washington Co. Artificial Breeders' „ , o a/i • c+ 

Co-op Mrs. Ruth Moore, 102 S. Mam St., 


Washington Co. Livestock Breeders' 
Assn Wm. Johnston, Canonsburg RD 1 

Washington Co. Cooperative Wool , tt- i tdt-» i 

Growers Assn J. R- Henderson, Hickory RD 1 

Washington County Fair Assn R. C. Provost, 509 Central Ave., Wash- 


Pomona Grange Mrs. J. William Gager, Calicoon, N. Y., 

RD 2 

Fruit Growers' Assn Elbert Stanton, Waymart RD 1 

Wayne Co. Holstein Club Frank Zebrowski, Waymart RD 1 

Wayne Co. Dairymens League Mrs. Grant Teeple, Equmunk 

Wool Growers' Assn H. G. Burleigh, Pleasant Mount 

Wayne Co. Artificial Breeding 

Co-op Frank Bezek, Waymart RD 1 

Wayne County Farmers' Assn John Mazzga, Hawley RD 1 

Dist. 6, Pa.-Jersey Cattle Club Fred Baker, Meshoppen 


Organization Name and Address of Secretary 

Pomona Grange Mrs. Catherine Hull, Mt. Pleasant RD 1 

Farmers' Picnic Assn Joseph Kim, 735 Penna. Ave., Irwin 

Guernsey Breeders' Club Robert Lash, West Newton RD 1 

Holstein-Friesian Club Charles Silvis, Box 69B, Greensburg 

RD 6 

Westmoreland Co. Artificial Breeding 

Cooperative Boyd Wolff, New Alexandria RD 2 

Beekeepers' Assn Mrs. Nelvia Jackson, Mt. Pleasant RD 1 

Westmoreland Co. Poultry Assn. . . . Melvin Shupe, Smithton RD 1 

County Flower Growers' Assn Stanley Zidel, 1554 Mission Rd., La- 


Westland Cooperative Farmers Robert Momyer, Smithton RD 1 
Westmoreland Co. Farmers' Assn. Mrs. Phillip Long, New Stanton RD 1 
Westmoreland Farm Bureau 

Co-operative Assn Levi Silvis, Greensburg RD 5 


Pomona Grange Mrs. Eugene Ferris, Laceyville RD 

Society of Farm Women Rosalie Vaskas, Meshoppen RD 1 

Producers' Cooperative Assn Jaunes Kintner, Meshoppen RD 

Tunkhannock Artificial Breeding 

Co-operative John B. Henning, Tvmkhannock 

Wyoming Covmty Holstein Club .... Arthur L. Morrison, Laceyville RD 2 
Wyoming Co. Farmers' Assn Clifford Sands, Tunkhannock RD 5 


Pomona Grange Clayton S. Moul, 1025 Broadway, Han- 

Society of Farm Women Mrs. Russell Sechrist, York RD 3 

Farm Loan Assn Kenneth Miller, 145 S. Duke St., York 

York Farm Bureau Co-op. Assn Jay W. Dusman, Hanover RD 2 

York Co. Farmers' Assn James Shoomaker, Red Lion RD 1 

York County Fair Assn Katherine O. Morgart, York 

York Co. Guernsey Breeders' Assn. George Rohrbaugh, New Freedom RD 2 
York Co. Holstein Breeders' Assn. . Roger J. Perry, York RD 8 

York Co. Milk Producers' Assn Harry L. Arnold, HeUam RD 2 

York Co. Lamb Producers' Assn. . . . Mrs. Kenneth Wire, Dover RD 2 

York Co. Poultry Assn John Hamme, Seven Valleys RD 2 

York Co. Swine Improvement Assn. C. F. Thompson, Spring Grove 

York County Beekeepers' Assn William Sullivan, Stewartstown RD 1 

York Coxmty Fruit Growers' Assn. . . Harry E. Kauffman, York RD 9 
York Co. Potato Growers' Co-op. . . . C. Robert Miller, Felton RD 2 


Farm Journals and 
Magazines Published 
in Pennsylvania 

Dairymen's Price Reporter, 451 Century Bldg., Pittsburgh 

Everybodys Poultry Magazine, Hanover 

Farm Bureau Mirror, P. O. Box 2323, Harrisburg 

Farm and Home News, 85 Mitchell Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. 

Inter-State Milk Producers' Review, 401 N. Broad St., Philadelphia 

Pennsylvania Farmer, 2436 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg 

Peimsylvania Packer, 25 N. Duke St., York 

Pennsylvania Grange News, 1604 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg 

The Farm Journal, Washington Square, Philadelphia 

Lancaster Farming, P. O. Box 1524, Lancaster 

Lancaster Livestock Reporter, Union Stockyards, Lancaster 

Berks-Lehigh Farmer, Kutztown 

Keystone Farmer, Ck)urt House, Coudersport 

Montgomery Coxmty Farmer, Skippack 

Tioga County Farmer, 104 Main St., Wellsboro 

The Voice, Pa. Farmers' Assn., 2612 Yale Ave., Camp Hill 


Pennsylvania History^ 
Topography, Climate 

Pennsylvania, one of the thirteen original states, was settled by William 
Penn at Upland (now called Chester) in 1682. The grant of the territory west 
of the Delaware River was made to Penn by the King of England in settle- 
ment of a debt of $80,000 due the estate of Perm's father for services rendered 
as an Admiral in the English Navy. The English secured this territory from 
the Dutch in 1664. 

The State originally consisted of three cotmties: Philadelphia, Chester and 
Bucks. The number was increased by dividing these counties from time to 
time until the nmnber reached 67. The last county was Lackawanna in 1878. 

The State is rectangular in shape and about 302 miles long by 176 wide. 
It contains 45,215 square miles, or 28,828,000 acres of land area, and is 
thirty-second in size among the states. It is not quite as large as New York 
but a little larger than Virginia, and is more than twice as large as New 
Jersey, Delaware and Maryland put together. 


Pennsylvania, as is the case in most Atlantic States, has comparatively 
level lands in the east and is more moimtainous in the central and western 
sections. The elevation of the land varies from less than one hundred feet 
above sea level in the southeastern part of the State to approxunately three 
thousand feet at the summit of some of the ridges in the Allegheny Moim- 

tains. . • .1 

The Piedmont province, one of three topographic provinces crossmg the 
State, takes in all the land southeast of South Mountain. The second is the 
Ridge and Valley province in the central section of the State. It is largely 
mountainous on the west. The topography consists of many long ridges of 
1,000 and 1,500 feet high, separating many beautiful and fertile valleys. The 
largest valleys are the Nittany and the Kishacoquillas. The Allegheny Moun- 
tain and Plateau province lies to the west and north of the Ridge and Valley 
province and covers about two-thirds of the entire area of Pennsylvania. The 
streams and the valleys of this western section wind in all directions, and 
the surface is a maze of hills and valleys, quite high in the eastern part of 
the province but becoming gently rolling in the west. 


Pennsylvania is in that part of the United States having comparatively 
heavy rainfall. It is heaviest over most of the State during the spring and 
summer months, just when it will do most good for the growing crops. The 
State is in the zone of prevailing westerly winds. Throughout most of the 
State the wind blows chiefly from the northwest in winter and from the 
southwest during the smnmer, except when disturbed by storms. Annual 
precipitation averages 42 inches. 


Agriculture is one of Pennsylvania's major industries. With manufacturing, 
mining and other industrial enterprises present in all sections of the State, 
unexcelled markets for farm products result and the close relationship of 
agriculture to industrial effort proves mutually beneficial. 

Pennsylvania farmers are particularly fortunate in having these many local 
markets well distributed over the State. The products of the farms are esti- 
mated to be within an average distance of 75 miles of the markets in which 
they are consumed. About one-third of the Nation's population is within 
overnight trucking distance from the farms of Pennsylvania. 


Answering Some 
Questions on 
Pennsylvania Farming 

Farmers in Pennsylvania raise crops, livestock, and poultry. About one- 
fourth of their income is from crops, such as com, wheat, potatoes, apples, etc. 

The largest farms in Pennsylvania are: "The Buck and Doe Run Valley 
Farms," Coatesville, RD 4, with about 11,000 acres in pasture, for feeding 
cattle brought from Texas; and the 12,000-acre "Milton Hershey Farms," 
Hershey, Pennsylvania. 

The farmer improves his soil by using lime, manure', commercial fertilizers, 
and through soil conservatioft practices, designed to prevent the soil from 
washing away during heavy rains. 

Few farmers are able to test their ovm soil. In each county, the county 
agricultural extension agent will test the soil to see whether or not it needs 
calcium, and will make this test without charge. If a farmer wants to know 
how much nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus are in his soil, he submits a 
sample of soil from his farm to the County Agent, and it is sent to the College 
of Agriculture at The Pennsylvania State University, where the soil is ana- 
lyzed. The farmer gets a report which tells him if he needs additional ferti- 
lizers. A slight charge is made for this service. 

Lancaster County has the largest number of farms, a total of 6,770. The 
county that has the smallest munber is PhUadelphia with 50, most of them 
being vegetable farms. 


Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

"Beyond Tomorrow"— (Color; released 1962r 16nun, sound; 25 minutes) 
Designed to inform both city dwellers and rural residents about the accom- 
plishments of Pennsylvania's soil conservation districts. 

Copies scheduled without charge by the State Soil Conservation Com- 
mission, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Harrisburg, or local con- 
servation districts. 

"Pennsylvania Potatoes"— (Color; released 1961; 16nmi, sound; 10 minutes) 
The story of potato production and marketing in Pennsylvania, geared es- 
pecially to the urban dweller or those who have little knowledge of agri- 

Copies scheduled without charge by Public Information Division, Penn- 
sylvania Department of Agriculture, Harrisburg. 

"Silent Servants'— (Color; released 1963; 16mm, sound; 131/2 minutes) 
An account of the work of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, with 
particular reference to the quality control programs of the Bureaus of Plant 
Industry, Animal Industry, Foods and Chemistry, and Markets. 

Copies are being made and, when available, will be scheduled without charge 
by the Public Information Division, Pennsylvania Department of Agricul- 
ture, Harrisburg. 



Available Free Publications of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture 

Address requests for copies to: 

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

No. Title 

531 Poisonous Plants of Pennsylvania 

558 Pennsylvania Weeds 

694 Seed Analysis Report, 1962 

695 Directory of Information, 1963 
Annual Report of Activities 

Man Is The Steward, The Story of Pennsyl- 
vania's Soil Conservation Districts 

CRS-9 Price Movements and Pennsylva- 
nia Agriculture 

CRS-15 Late Spring and Early Fall Freezes 

CRS-16 Milk Consumption among Pennsyl- 
vania School Children 

CRS-18 Dairy Statistics, 1962 

CRS-19 Vegetable Statistics, 1918-1961 

CRS-20 Pennsylvania Ranking among 
States and Counties, 1961 

CRS-21 1962 Farm Machinery Custom Rates 

CRS-22 Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Sur- 
vey, 1962 

CRS-23 Pennsylvania Horticultural Spe- 

Pennsylvania's Land Resources Inventory 

Available after Jane 1, 1963 

CRS-24 Pennsylvania Crops and Livestock 
Report, 1962 


Available Free Publications of the Pennsylvania State University College of 
Agriculture— Experiment Station and Extension Service 

Address requests for copies to: 

Agricultural Mailing Room 
Old Dairy Barn 

The Pennsylvania State University 

University Park, Pennsylvania 
B refers to bulletins of the Agricultural Experiment Station; Sp C to Special 
Circulars; C to Circulars; L to Leaflets of the Agricultural Extension Service, 
and P R to Progress Reports of the Agricultural Experiment Station. 


B-417 Poorly-housed rural families of two 
Pennsylvania townships 

B-472 Housing conditions in rural Penn- 

B-499 Cost of keeping a bull 

B-512 Closed rural Pennsylvania churches 

B-520 Patterns of fruit and vegetable 
production in Pennsylvania 

B-521 Farmers receiving old age assist- 
ance in Pennsylvania 

B-534 Family housing on owner-operated 
farms in Pennsylvania 

B-544 Milk marketing by producer dis- 

B-545P Planning for profitable grassland 
on dairy farms in central Pennsyl- 

B-549 Survey and account methods of 
estimating costs of milk production 

B-556 Factors associated with the success 
of Pennsylvania Granges 

B-561 Marketing of eggs in retail stofres 
of Pennsylvania 

B-S66 Use of rooms in farm houses 

B-571 Economics of locations in grading 
and cartoning eggs 

B-574 Elements associated with activity 
and inactivity in rural organiza- 

B-577 Some personel, economic and social 
factors influencing dairymen's ac- 
tions and success 

B-582 Factors related to changes in social 
participation in a rural Pennsyl- 
vania community 

B-583 Grassland in organization of dairy 
farms in northeastern Pennsyl- 

B-588 Stimulating corrective action fol- 
lowing school health examination 

B-589 Family factors influencing correc- 
tive action following school health 

B-591 Factors associated with preferences 
for household equipment and fur- 
niture by 351 families 

B-594 Trends in farm production 

B-601 Selectivity of membership and par- 
ticipation in rural organizations 

B-602 and 6ft2P Sampling to determine 

grades of eggs 
B-610 Costs and benefits of the deer herd 
B-621 An economic appraisal of idle land 
in Potter County, North Central 

B-622 Improving fluid milk distribution 
practices through economic-engi- 
neering techniques 

B-625 Specifications and cost for process- 
ing operations in small market 
milk plants 

B-627 Analysis of grassland farming in 
northeastern Pennsylvania 

B-636 Factors affecting variation in the 
number of turkeys marketed by in- 
dividual producers 

B-639 Improving methoSs of packing ap- 
ples in consumer packs 

B-440 Pricing practice of major country- 
point egg handlers in Pennsylvania 

B-641 Effects of bulk milk assembly on 
handling costs, farm to plant 

B-642 An economic appraisal of use of 
idle land in Potter County, Penn- 
sylvania for crops, pasture and 

B-643 Decision making in the use of fam- 
ily financial resources in a rural 
Pennsylvania community 

B-644 Profitable organizations for com- 
mercial farms of Potter County, 

B-650 Consumer responses to graded pork 

B-655 Certain practices, satisfactions and 
difficulties in families with em- 
ployed homemakers 

B-656 Basic appeals in consumer accept- 
ance of milk 

B-659 Merchandising for profit in retail 
flower shops 

B-669 Estimates of supplemental water 
needed by forage crops in Pennsyl- 

B-674 An economic and engineering ap- 
praisal of mechanical dairy barn 
gutter cleaners 

B-676 Factors associated with the mi- 
grant status of young adult males 
from rural Pennsylvania 

B-680 Interrelations among demands for 
farm products and implications for 
control of market supplies 


B-684 Food habits and national back- 

B-686 Educational attainment among 
Pennsylvania rural youth 

B-687 Dairy farm labor input data ob- 
tained by mail questionnaire and 
by field interview ... a comparison 

B-690 Economics of fertilization and use 
of idle land on selected Northeast- 
ern Pennsylvania dairy farms 

B-691 Differences among improved farm 
practices as related to rates of 

B-692 Farm family income in North Cen- 
tral Pennsylvania 

B-693 Farm production trends in Penn- 
sylvania to 1960 

B-697 Economics of central evaporator in 
maple synlp production 

C-433 Have you made your will? 

C-465 Group accomplishment — discuss it 

C-504 What does it cost to start farming ? 

L-199 Can farmers make good use of 

L-231 What should my insurance cover? 
Sp C-11 The pocketbook for recreation lead- 

Sp C-16 The pocketbook of games 

Sp C-19 The pocketbook of folk games and 

square dances 
Sp C-44 The chairman's job and how to 

do it 

SP C-50 Observing Rural Life Sunday 

Sp C-56 The member's job and how to do it 


B-572 Freezing rates of foods and storage 

temperatures in cabinets 
B-579 Design and operation of frozen 

storage facilities for research with 

agricultural products 
B-626 An electric-eye controlled sprayer 

for application of insecticides to 


B-699 Bin and wagon drying of shelled 

C-259 Plow adjustment 
C-373 Adequate farm wiring 
C-382 Planning for an automatic water 

C-413 Tile drainage for Pennsylvania 

C-437 Construction of pole-type buildings 
C-460 Farm ponds for Pennsylvania 
C-489 Making high quality hay 
L-202 Which is the better hay conditioner 

— smooth roll or crimping roll ? 
L-204 Forage harvesters — low-cost or con- 
Sp C-33 Planned irrigation pays 
Sp C-38 Tools for pasture renovation 

Sp C-45 Make your water supply safe 
Sp C-53 Selecting and installing dairy sta- 
ble ventilation 


B-609 Soft phosphate with colloidal clay' 
as a source of phosphorus for grow- 
ing and fattening pigs 

B-615 The nutritive evaluation of forages 

B-618 Relative dynamic effects of high 
versus low protein diets of equi- 
caloric content 

B-651 A comparison of the digestibility 
of forages by cattle and by sheep 

C-239 Farm dressed pork 

C-480 Managing your beef breeding herd 

C-490 Your pleasure horse 

L-184 Swine feeding recommendations 

L-216 Handling newly purchased feeder 

L-218 Feeding cattle for market 
L-236 The ewe and you 
L-241 Internal parasites of sheep 
L-244 Successful feeder-pig production 
L-245 Management tips for beef cattle in 
dry lots 

L-246 Facilities for growing and finish- 
ing swine 

L-247 Buying and feeding feeder-pigs 
Sp C-22 Preparing wool for market 


B-525 Bovine Mastitis, I 
B-537 Romano type grating cheese 
B-552 Sulphur dioxide for preservation 
of forage 

B-575 Changes in bacterial population 
and characteristics of bottled mar- 
ket milk during refrigerated hold- 

B-581 Bovine Mastitis, II 

B-581P Bovine Mastitis, II 

B-592 Seasonal distribution and produc- 
tion of forage from orchard grass- 
ladino and bluegrass pastures 

B-634 Growth responses to protein level 
and complexity of calf starters 

B-672 The nature of subfertility in dairy 

B-677 Incidence and significance of vibri- 

C-468 Testing milk and milk products 
C-494 Breeding for dairy herd improve- 

C-495 Commercial ice cream and other 

frozen desserts 
Sp C-32 Sample grain mixtures for dairy 


Sp C-41 Nutritive value of various feed- 
stuffs for dairy cattle 


Sp C-60 Raising veal calves 
L-74 Feeding dairy cows for efficient 

L-224 Do your cows produce a calf a 
year ? 

L-229 Heat detection and time of service 

are important 
L-230 Breeding efficiency in your herd 
L-235 How much rest do cows need after 


L-242 Dairy breeding records your guide 

to efficiency 
L-250 Inheritance of breeding efficiency 


B-487 The soils of Fulton County, Penn- 

B-518 Fertilizer experiments on grass 
lands of the northeastern region 

B-526 Influence of heredity on carotene 
and protein contents of corn 

B-533 Trends and variations in yields 
from Jordan fertility plots 

B-541 Some anatomical responses of corn 
to treatment with 2,4-D 

B-S42 Urea-formaldehyde and other ni- 
trogenous fertilizers for use on turf 

B-554 Management of grasslands in the 
northeastern states 

B-560 Correlation of plant tissues of corn 
deficiency symptoms and soil anal- 
ysis on the Jordan fertility plots 

B-568 Forage production of grass and 
legumes in northwestern Pennsyl- 

B-586 Soil structure studies with synthet- 
ic conditioners 

B-613 75th Anniversary of the Jordan 
fertility plots 

B-624 Survey of ten nutritive elements 
in Pennsylvania forage crops 

B-653 Forage climates in the northeast 

B-666 Soybean varieties for forage and 
grain in Pennsylvania 

B-679 Some aspects of corn ecology 

B-682 Cutting and grazing management 
for sudangrass and pearl millet 

B-688 Nitrogen fertilization of perennial 

B-689 Effects of shading and plant com- 
petition on seedling growth and 
nodulation in birdsfoot trefoil 

B-694 Sod subjugation with herbicides for 
pasture renovation 

C-349 Potato diseases and their control 

C-378 100 questions and answers on lim- 
ing land 

C-492 Control turf and lawn diseases 
L-106 Save your potatoes from ringrot 
L-158 Band seeding of grasses and le- 

L-196 Treat seed grain for more profit 

L-213 40 questions and answers on ma- 

L-249 Fertilizer by the gallon — 13 ques- 
tions and answers 


B-538 Banks Pine in Pennsylvania 

B-546 Pruning red pine plantations for 
quality lumber 

B-547 Accuracy of forest growth deter- 
mination based on the measure- 
ment of increment cores 

B-593 Floral morphology of white oak 

B-595 Strength and elastic properties of 
two species laminated wood beams 

B-620 Management of a poletimber forest 
for wildlife food and cover 

B-635 Evaluating mast yields in the oaks 

B-657 Absorption and translocation of 
solutions by healthy and wilt- 
diseased red oaks 

B-663 Trout stocking as an aid to fish 

C-310 Making maple syrup 

C-448 The distribution and prevention of 
oak wilt 

L-102 Using home-grown timber on the 

L-176 You'll learn while winter-feeding 

L-179 Mind your hunting manners 
L-228 Know your animal tracks 


B-493 Effects of certain cultural treat- 
ments on orchard soil and water 
losses and on apple tree growth 
B-495 Soil factors influencing grape pro- 
duction on well-drained lake ter- 
race areas 
B-503 Orchard sprayer performance 
B-539 The plum eurculio as a prune pest 
B-548 The cherry fruit fly in Erie County 
B-557 Soil management in a young Mont- 
morency sour cherry orchard 
B-563 Inheritance of fruit shape 
B-585 Rejuvenation of an old apple or- 
chard by means of fertilizers, 
mulches, and cover crops 
B-616 Cultivation and Concord grape pro- 

B-617 The use of stop-drop sprays to pro- 
mote the red color of apples 

B-648 Age of vine and concord grape pro- 

B-649 Growth and fruiting of various ap- 
ple vai-ieties in response to several 
clonal rootstocks 

B-652 Effects of certain sprays on growth 
and yield of concord grapes 

B-661 Periodicity in growth of fruits of 
apples, peaches and sour cherries 
with some factors influencing this 


B-662 Growth and mortality in a young 
sweet cherry orchard 

B-673 Photosynthetic and growth re- 
sponses of apple trees to growth 
regulating chemicals 

B-675 Economic aspects of bruising in 
the apple-processing industry 

C-342 Protecting Pennsylvania orchards 
against mice, deer, and rabbits 

C-350 Peach culture 

C-380 Growing tree fruits for home use 
C-403 Cherry production 
C-431 Raspberry and blackberry disease 

C-436 Prevention of fire blight on pears 

and apples 
Li-143 Sprays for home garden fruits 


B-614 Effects of thawing and refreezing 
on the quality of certain frozen 

B-678 Family activity patterns basic to 
farm house planning 

B-685 Values expressed and realized in 
family financial plans 

B-695 Adolescents — their interests, aspi- 
rations, and models 

C-348 Pennsylvania Dutch cookery 

C-351 Ways with children 

C-366 Make your sewing machine work 
for you 

C-385 A stitch in time saves nine 
C-388 Buying smooth surface floor cov- 

C-390 How to repair innerspring cushions 
C-434 Planning your kitchen 
C-453 Canning poultry and meat 
C-455 Foundation garments for women 
C-457 Be weight wise 

0-463 Pickles and relishes— quick and 

C-464 Preparing food for yotor freezer 

C-467 Helping your baby grow 

C-473 Canning fruits and vegetables 

C-481 Small electric cooking appliances 
— to buy or not to buy 

C-483 Children and discipline 

C-484 Todays' house care 

C-493 Planning-preparing-serving com- 
munity meals 

C-501 Mending men's suits 

C-505 Best weights for your lifetime 

Sp C-6 Good home lighting 

Sp C-18 Make a dress for Sara 

Sp C-25 Planning kitchens in community 

Sp C-30 Reupholstering chairs 

Sp C-35 Buying your range 

Sp C-36 Fashions for your windows 

Sp C-51 Italian foods 

Sp C-58 Choosing accessories for the home 

Sp C-61 Spot and stain removal 

Sp C-62 Repairing chair seats with cane 

Sp C-63 One easy way to iron a shirt 

L-155 Deep in the family 

L-175 Maple syrup is special 

L-181 You are what you eat 

L-201 Pastry to please 

L-203 Meal planning saves time and 

L-205 Steak, the choice cut 

L-206 Roasts unlimited 

L-215 Know your meat — variety meats 

L-220 Danish festive meals 

L-221 Get up and go with a good break- 

L-223 How many persons is a homemaker 

L-227 Ground meat 

L-233 Food tips for teens 

L-234 Fruit — a treasure chest of health 

L-237 Sparkle with milk 

L-239 What you eat today could make a 


L-243 Salads 

L-251 New twists to serving vegetables 


B-422 Bacterial leafspots of Pennsylvania 

B-440 The yield and composition of cigar- 
leaf tobacco as influenced by fer- 
tilizer and preceding crop 

B-513 Seedleaf tobacco strains in Penn- 

C-462 Tobacco seedbed management 
L-71 Tobacco curing 


B-486 Response of turkeys to artificial 

B-567 Vitamin "A" and survival of bob- 
white quail 

B-590 A statistical evaluation of the ef- 
fects of various storage and proc- 
essing factors on the quality of 
frozen poultry 

B-660 Effect of date of hatch on growth 
and market quality of white hol- 
land turkeys 

B-668 Influence of low-protein pelleted 
feed on turkeys on pasture 

C-306 A brooder house for 250 to 350 

C-316 Producing capons in Pennsylvania 
C-358 Poultry houses for Pennsylvania 
C-361 Hatching egg production in Penn- 
C-456 Turkey raising 

C-486 Poultry diseases — description and 


C-498 Producing quality eggs 
C-499 Pole housing for poultry 
L-80 Supplying water to the laying flock 
L-81 Remodeling farm buildings for 

L-152 Artificial breeding of turkeys 
L-200 Quality eggs — production and care 
L-209 Control external parasites on poul- 

Sp C-49 Low cost poultry housing in Penn- 


B-508 The symphilid or garden centipede 
and other Pennsylvania greenhouse 
soil pests 

B-509 The effects of excess solutes, tem- 
perature, and moisture upon damp- 

B-584 Effects of foliar sprays of maleic 
hydrazide on the storage a-nd res- 
piration of certain vegetable crops 
B-596 Cutworms of Pennsylvania 
B-603 Tomato spraying in absence of late 

B-607 Quantitative inheritance of seed 

B-629 Influence of some environmental 
and nutritional factors of incidence 
of internal browning of tomatoes 
C-417 Prevent vegetable diseases 
C-439 Vegetable garden soil management 
C-459 Growing good vegetable plants 
C-469 The home vegetable garden 
C-471 Prevent vegetable diseases in your 

home garden 
C-474 Vegetable crops — soil management 

and fertilization 
C-476 Insects attacking vegetables and 

their control 
C-477 Growing tomatoes in the home 

C-506 Producing disease-free seedlings 
L-84 Storing vegetables 
L-98 Summer care of the vegetable gar- 

L-147 Picking quality tomatoes for proc- 

L-207 Asparagus tips 
L-208 The vine crops 

L-214 Control of pea and bean weevils in 
the field and in storage 


B-550 Light traps for insect collection, 

survey and control 
B-565 Some factors affecting the quality 

of frozen foods 
B-580 Some factors affecting the quality 

of frozen foods II 
B-637 Factors influencing homeowners 

use of ornamental nursery products 

B-663 Trout stocking as an aid to fish 

B-667 Some common edible and poisonous 


C-347 Diseases and insects of the flower 
garden and their control 

C-395 Greenhouse insects and their con- 

C-423 Diseases of commercial florist crops 
C-427 Insect pests of deciduous shade 

trees and their control 
0-452 Fish in your farm pond 
C-470 Diseases of bees and their control 
C-472 Pennsylvania beekeeping 
C-478 Trapping and skinning muskrats 
C-479 Hunting safety is your responsi- 

C-485 How to propagate house plants 
C-488 Your holiday plants 
C-491 Growing better house plants 
C-496 Tree and shrub nursery seedbed 

disease control 
C-497 Growing gladioli in the home gar- 

C-500 Growing garden chrysanthemums 
C-502 Diseases of ornamental shrubs and 

C-503 Plant parasitic nematodes — their 

li-137 Hybrid delphinium 
L-139 Peonies 

L-187 Controlling insects on your orna- 
mental trees and shrubs 
L-190 Controlling insect pests on pines 
L-191 Controlling insect pests on spruce 
and yew 

L-192 Controlling insect pests on fir, hem- 
lock and juniper 

L-193 Controlling insect pests on larch 
and arborvitae 

L-195 Controlling insect pests on box- 
wood, euonyraus and holly 

L-210 Control those grubs in your lawn 

L-217 Woodboring insects mistaken for 

L-222 Controlling termites in buildings 
L-225 Planting and maintaining ever- 

L-226 Pruning shrubs and trees 

L-232 Planting trees on your home 

Rat control 

Sp C-46 

Sp C-57 

Tree diseases — description and con- 

Some shade and flowering trees for 
Pennsylvania landscapes 

Correspondence Course Bulletin — gives in- 
formation on 63 agricultural and home- 
making courses 



B-681 Year ended June 30, 1961 
B-696 Year ended June 30, 1962 


Agricultural Economics and 
Rural Sociology 

Personal and social adjustments of 
40 retired men 

Farmers' public produce markets 
in Pennsylvania 

Wholesale egg marketing in Penn- 

An analysis of farm price behavior 
Broiler production and price rela- 

The rural churches of four Penn- 
sylvania counties 

Court decisions relating to Penn- 
sylvania milk control 
Problems in rural-urban fringe re- 
search: conceptualization and de- 

Economic aspects of the frozen 
food locker industry in Pennsyl- 

Who takes part in rural organiza- 

Changes in the financial side of 
farming of Lancaster County, Pa., 

Effects of 1954 acreage restrictions 
on crop production in southeastern 

Formal participation patterns in a 
central Pennsylvania community 
Effects of methods of packaging 
apples on costs and returns to 
Pennsylvania growers, 1954 
A community program to increase 
egg consumption 

Some aspects of financial planning 
among rural families in a Central 
Pennsylvania community 
Why co-op members buy feed where 
they do 

What do farmers think of sodium 
metabisulfite for preserving grass 

Long-run effects of a better break- 
fast program 

Characteristics of farmers supply- 
ing competing milk markets 

An economic appraisal of green 
chop feeding 

Effects of point of sale information 
on egg sales 

The farmer's livestock goes to mar- 

Characteristics and practices of 
market milk plants in Pennsylvania 

P R-19 

P R-28 

P R-49 

P R-50 
F R-73 

P R-76 

P R-78 

P R-89 

P R-90 

P R-103 

P R-111 

P R-128 

P R-129 

P R-141 

P R-145 

P R-148 

P R-160 

P R-161 

P R-167 

P R-169 

P R-170 

P R-176 

P R-179 

P R-185 

P R-201 Marketing methods for fowl in four 

Pennsylvania counties 
P R-204 The story of adolescents and milk 

P R-207 Simplified least-cost feed formula- 
tion procedure 

P R-212 Time, travel, and construction costs 

of loose and stanchion types of 

dairy barns 
P R-221 Changes in productivity in milk 

distribution in two Pennsylvania 


P R-226 Consumer's use of stewing chicken 
P R-237 Large Pennsylvania dairy farms 

Agricultural Engineering 

P R-96 

P R-lOl 

P R-107 

P R-156 
P R-159 
P R-163 

P R-164 

P R-172 

P R-47 
P R-105 

P R-192 

P R-196 

P R-206 
P R-220 

P R-224 

P R-227 
P R-229 
P R-233 
P R-235 
P R-236 

P R-69 
P R-121 

Preliminary studies of socket tem- 
peratures when used with infrared 

Air distribution in several Central 
Pennsylvania hay driers 
An electric work center for the vo- 
cational agriculture shop 
Tiered air duct hay drying systems 
Frozen tomatoes 

New concepts in frozen food stor- 
age cabinets 

A continuous flow automatic feed 
grinder and mixer 
A grain-conveyer-distributor that 
eases bin loading and aids drying 


Cold testing of corn 
Performance of varieties of grass 
and legume species in Pennsylva- 
nia in 1952 

Pennsylvania corn performance 
studies, 1957 

Functional characteristics of some 
inbred lines of corn 

1958 Pa. corn performance studies 

1959 Pennsylvania corn perform- 
ance studies 

Performance of supplemental sum- 
mer forage crops in Pennsylvania, 
1957, 1959 

Redcoat winter wheat for Pennsyl- 

Pennsylvania commercial hybrid 
corn tests, 1960 

1960 Pennsylvania corn perform- 
ance studies 

Pa. 825, a long season corn hybrid 
for Pennsylvania 

1961 Pennsylvania conmiercial hy- 
brid corn tests 

Animal Husbandry 

Bovine Hyperkeratosis (X Disease) 

Soft phosphate with colloidal clay 
in rations for growing and fatten- 
ing pigs 


P K-150 Observations on dry matter losses 
from a covered and uncovered 
trench silo 

P R-211 A comparison of nitrogen fer- 
tilized grass and grass legume pas- 
turage on performance of yearling 
steers vfith and without stilbestrol 
and grain feeding, 1957-68 
' R-216 Use of whole milk replacers in veal 

Low level feeding of aureomycin 
to lactating cows 
' R-228 Productivity of grass and grass- 
legume pastures as measured by 
performance of yearling steers, 


P R-222 

P : 


P R-112 Sales of fluid dairy products in 
Allegheny County, Pa., during 
April 1951 

P R-199 Amounts of straw required for bed- 
ding cows in loose and convention- 
al housing 

P R-202 Influence of roughage quality on 
growth of young Holstein calves 

P R-216 Use of whole milk replacers in veal 

P R-222 Low-level feeding of aureomycin to 
lactating cows 


P R-72 Control of black locust with chemi- 
cal sprays 

P R-lOO Mycelial mats of the Oak Wilt fun- 

P R-123 Comparative durability of posts 
from trees grown in Pennsylvania 

P R-135 Effects of certain common brush 
control techniques and materials on 
game food and cover on a power 
line right-of-way. No. 2 

F R-168 Oak wilt — histological studies of 
host reaction and pathogen 

P R-173 Prevention of woodpecker damage 
to wooden utility poles 

P R-187 Production and marketing of 
Christmas trees in central and 
northeastern Pennsylvania 

P R-188 Effects of chemical brush control 
upon game food and cover 

P R-198 Douglas fir varietal tests for 
Christmas tree plantations in 

P R-239 Relation of soil moisture and solu- 
tion absorption of red oak stumps 
and development of oak wilt 

Fruit Growing 

F R-88 The periodical cicada in Pennsyl- 
vania orchards 

P R-94 Effect of certain sprays on growth 
and yield of Concord grapes 

P R-120 Chemical thinning of apples 

P R-154 Comparative acceptEince of pack- 
aged versus conventionally stored 
Stayraan and Rome Beauty apples 

P R-157 Rabbit repellents for dormant apple 

P R-158 Four methods to kill orchard mice 

P R-165 Several growth regulators of fruit 
trees, particularly the peach 

P R-193 Varietal influences on quality of 

apple sauce blends 
P R-195 Responses of cultivated elderberry 


P R-217 Concord grape vines transmit 

P R-223 Chemical weed control in the peach 

Poultry Husbandry 

P R-80 Uniformity for type in broilers 
P R-108 Social factors in sexual behavior of 

P R-115 Fertility and hatchability studies in 

P R-140 Confinement rearing of pullets in 
Penn State experimental house 

P R-162 The Penn State solar poultry house 
P R-174 Yolk color and candled grade of 

P R-183 Design and arrangement of equip- 
ment in the Penn State solar poul- 
try house 

P R-184 Four-year summary of egg produc- 
tion, mortality, culling and feed ef- 
ficiency in the Penn State solar 
poultry house 

A comparison of the solar house 
and a well-insulated conventional 

Environmental performance in the 
Penn State poultry house 

Pullet performance in the solar 
house and a well-insulated conven- 
tional house; 1956-57 and 1957-59 

Solar and windowless house com- 

Development and performance of 
the roU-a-way nest cushion 

Selection of poultry breeders on 
sire family performance 


Insecticides for Pennsylvania to- 

P R-191 

P R-197 
P R-208 

P R-231 
P R-232 
P R-238 

P R-26 

Vegetable Growing 

P R-65 Oils and insecticides for corn ear- 
worm control on sweet corn 

P B-190 Chemical weed control in vegetable 


P R-205 Effect of aluminum mulch on vege- 
table crop yields 

P R-215 Celery blackheart and its control in 

P R-230 1960 vegetable variety trials 

P R-234 1961 vegetable variety trials 

Soil Survey Maps 

P R-12 Soil Survey of Mifflin County 

P R-118 Soil Survey of Juniata County 

P R-130 Soil Survey of Perry County 

P R-153 Soil Survey of Cumberland County 


P R-122-A 1952 Zinnia, marigold, and snap- 
dragon trials 

P R-138 Teachers of vocational agriculture 
in Pennsylvania 

P R-171 The child's viewpoint on breakfast 

P R-186 Honey candies 

P R-210 Space requirements for household 

P R-218 Some effects of adjusting high 
temperatures on growth of green- 
house roses 

P R-225 An improved solar beeswax ex- 

"Science for the Farmer," a quarterly publication reporting subjects in all 
three divisions of the College of Agriculture — resident instruction, extension, 
research — is available to those requesting to be placed on the mailing list. 


Popular Publications Available Free from the United States Department of 
Agriculture, Washington 25, D. C. 

Address requests for copies to : 

OflSce of Information 

U. S. Department of Agriculture 

Washington 25, D. C. 

NOTE- Print name and address plainly. List in numerical order by series, 
including the letter preceding each number. Not more than 10 publications will 
be sent free at one time. If more are desired they may be purchased from the 
Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington 25, 
D. C Prices will be quoted by that office on request. 















Preventing storm wind damage to 
farm buildings 

First aid for flooded homes and 

A step-saving U kitchen 
Easy-to-build kitchen cabinets for 
the remodeled farmhouse 
Wood siding: How to install it, 
paint it. care for it 
Subterranean termites . . . their 
prevention and control in buildings 
Wood decay in houses: how to pre- 
vent and control it 
Preventing cracks in new wood 

Two-temperature walk-in refriger- 
ator for the farm 
Powder-post beetles in buildings 
. . . what to do about them 
Fire departments for rural commu- 

Beltsville energy-saving kitchen 
. . . design No. 2 

Protecting log cabins, rustic work, 
and unseasoned wood from injuri- 
ous insects in Eastern U. S. 
Lightning protection for the farm 
Farm fences 
Farm silos 


G-6 Home canning of meat 

G-10 Home freezing of fruits and vege- 

G-30 Pressure canners — use and care 
G-40 Freeaing combination main dishes 
Gr-48 Home freezers — their selection and 

G-56 How to make jellies, jams and pre- 
serves at home 

G-69 Home care of purchased frozen 

G-70 Home freezing of poultry 

F-2125 Making and preserving apple cider 


G-l Family fare . . . food management 

and recipes 

G-8 Home canning of fruits and vege- 


G-27 Meat for thrifty meals 
G-33 Root vegetables in everyday meals 
G-35 Ways to cook rabbit 
G-36 Peanut and peanut butter recipes 
G-37 Honey . . . some ways to use it 
G-41 Green vegetables for good eating 
G-43 Money-saving main dishes 
G-45 Turkey on the table the year-round 
G-50 Cooking with dried eggs 
G-55 Potatoes in popular ways 
L-278 Tomatoes on your table 
L-312 Apples in appealing ways 
L-326 Dry beans, peas, lentils . . . mod- 
ern cookery 
L-408 Facts about pasteurization of milk 
F-2075 An American-type cheese . . . how 
to make it for home use 


F-1422 Udder diseases of dairy cows 

F-1443 Dairy cattle breeds 

F-2111 Judging and scoring milk 

F-2132 Improving your dairy herd 

F-2153 Feeding dairy cattle 


L-377 Lights for more winter eggs 
L-436 Electric water pumps on the farm 
L-445 Electric heating of hotbeds 
L-480 Standby electric power equipment 
for the farm 


L-307 How much fertilizer shall I use ? 

L-335 Farming terraced land 

L-347 Keep your tile drains working 


V-i32 Where and how to get a farm: 
some questions and answers 

L-491 Background on our Nation's agri- 

F-1045 Laying out fields for tractor plow- 

F-1961 Getting started in farming 
F-2049 Preservative treatment of fence 

posts and farm timber 
F-2101 Watch your step . . . avoid farm 


F-2107 Defense against radioactive fallout 

on the farm 
F-2110 Hospitals for rural people 
F-2130 Rope on the farm 
F-2135 What young farm families should 

know about credit 
F-2136 Lightning protection for the farm 
F-2137 Insurance facts for farmers 
F-2142 Library service for rural people 
F-2150 Safeguard your farm against fire 
F-2156 Safe use and storage of flammable 

liquids and gases on the farm 
F-2179 Father-son agreements for operat- 
ing farms 

(Diseases, Insects, Marketing) 

L-514 The meadow spittlebug 
F-1740 Vetch culture and uses 
F-2113 Annual lespedezas . . . culture and 

(Diseases, Insects, Marketing) 

L-244 Community forests for rural people 

L-286 Prevent tanbark deterioration 

F-2090 Logging farm wood crops 

F-2158 Chemical control of brush and trees 

M-766 Look to your timber, America 

F-1560 Preparing strawberries for market 

F-1897 Establishing and managing young 
apple orchards 

F-2140 Strawberry diseases 

F-2160 Growing blackberries 

F-2165 Growing raspberries 

F-2184 Strawberry insects . . . how to con- 
trol them 

MB-9 Preparing peaches for market 

(Diseases, Insects, Marketing) 

L-370 The seed-corn maggot on beans, 
how to control it 

L-416 Barberry eradication in stem rust 
control — wheat, oats, barley, rye 

L-425 The rolled-towel seed tester for 

L-426 Scab of cereals and how to control 

L-435 Interseeding legumes in corn 
L-478 Growing grain sorghums 
F-1260 Stored grain pests 
F-1607 The nematode disease of wheat and 

F-1798 Control of common white grubs in 

cereal and forage crops 
F-1976 Handling and storing soft corn on 

the farm 

F-2071 You can store grain safely on the 

F-2092 Bacterial wilt and Stewarts leaf 
blight of corn 

F-2095 Buckwheat culture 

F-2H5 Culture and varieties of spring- 
sown oats 

F-2129 Growing soybeans 

F-2143 Irrigating corh in humid regions 

F-2145 Growing rye 

F-2190 The European corn borer, how to 
control it 

(Diseases, Insects, Marketing) 

L-172 Why fruit trees fail to bear 
L-183 Cankerworms 
L-187 Blight of pears, apples, quinces 
L-227 Home fruit garden in the North- 
eastern and North Central States 
L-274 Control of apple tree borers 
L-406 Apple bitter rot 

L-407 Dwarf fruit trees: Selection and 

L-414 Reducing virus and nematode dam- 
age to strawberry plants 

L-508 Bridge grafting and inarching dam- 
aged fruit trees 

F-1028 Strawberry culture: Eastern Unit- 
ed States 







MB- 12 



Detergents for home laundering 
Shopper's guide to U.S. grades for 



from fabrics. 

home methods 

How to prevent and remove mildew 
— home methods 

Storing perishable foods in the 

How to buy eggs by USDA grades 

and weight classes 

How to buy poultry by USDA 


Know your butter grades 
Tips on selecting fruits and vege- 

U. S. grades for beef 


(See also under crop or animal 


Clothes moths and carpet beetles 


Ants in the home and garden: how 

to control them 


Lawn insects: How to control them 



Lawn diseases: how to control 


Insects and related pests of house 

plants . . . how to control them 


Controlling mosquitoes in your 

home and on your premises 


Soil treatment an aid in termite 



The periodical cicada {17-year lo- 



Chinch bugs 


The housefly 






Silverfish and firebrats 




Clover mites, how to control them 

around the home 


How to control bedbugs 


American foulbrood of honey bees 

. . . how to control it 


The Japanese beetle . . . how we 

fight it 


(Diseases, Insects, Marketing) 

L-250 Hamster raising 

L-381 Infrared lamps — their use in brood- 
ing pigs 

L-388 Horn flies on cattle 

L-395 Automatic livestock waterers 

L-420 Blackleg of cattle 

L-429 The meat-type hog 

L-437 Anaplasmosis in cattle 

L-438 Demodectic mange in cattle 

L-441 Cattle warts 

L-447 Hyperkeratosis of cattle 

L-456 Cattle lice: how to control them 

L-457 Scrapie of sheep 

L-466 Raising guinea pigs 

L-472 Mr. Livestock Producer ... it pays 
to use chemicals safely 

L-483 Raising rats and mice for labora- 
tory use 

F-1263 Breeds of swine 

F-1334 Home tanning of leather and small 

fur skins 
F-1736 Anthrax 

F-1779 Beef cattle breeds for beef and for 

beef and milk 
F-2088 Infectious anemia (swamp fever) 

F-2126 The farm beef herd 
F-2127 Light horses 
F-2131 Raising rabbits 

F-2138 Slaughtering, cutting and process- 
ing pork on the farm 

F-2141 Beef cattle: dehorning, castrating, 
branding and marking 

F-2152 Lamb and mutton on the farm . . . 

slaughtering, cutting and process- 

MB-10 Preparing wool for market . . . 

how to increase profits 
MB-16 How do your hogs grade? 


G-63 Hand sprayers and dusters 
F-2062 How to spray the aircraft way 
F-2128 Hose pump for applying fertilizer 

L-427 Planning farm machinery replace- 


GS-l Nutrition up-to-date, up to you 
G-5 Food for the family with young 


G-13 Food for families with school 

G-17 Food guide for older folks 
G-57 Getting enough milk 
G-72 Nutritive value of foods 
G-74 Food and your weight 
G-85 Food for the young couple 
L-268 Eat a good breakfast ... to start 
a good day 

L-424 Food for fitness ... a daily food 

(Diseases, Insects) 

G-51 Better lawns 

G-65 Growing chrysanthemums in the 

home garden 
G-66 Growing iris in the home garden 
G-71 Growing azaleas and rhododen- 

G-80 Home propagation of ornamental 

trees and shrubs 
G-81 Maple diseases and their control, a 

guide for homeownws 
G-82 Selecting and growing h»use plants 
G-86 Growing camellias 
L-183 Cankerworms 
L-184 The elm-leaf beetle 
L-185 Elm bark beetles 
L-439 Spring-flowering bulbs 
F-1171 Growing annual flowering plants 
F-1855 Culture, diseases, and pests of the 

box tree 

F-2114 Lupines . . . culture and use 


(Diseases, Insects, Marketing) 

L-397 Brooding chicks with infrared 

L-402 Intestinal coccidiosis of chickens 
L-404 Blackhead of turkeys and chickens 
L-415 Tapeworms of poultry 
L-434 Frostproofing water systems in 

poultry houses 
L-451 Newcastle disease in poultry, how 

to control it 
L-465 Culling hens 
L-497 The home chicken flock 
F-684 Squab raising 

M-728 Houses and equipment for laying 
hens — for loose housing on litter 

MB-7 Farm poultry . . . processing and 


G-ll Fitting coats and suits 

G-20 How to tailor a woman's suit 

G-39 Mending men's suits 

G-59 Simplified clothing construction 

L-251 Child's self-help overall 

F-1944 Sewing machines, cleaning and ad- 

F-1964 Fitting dresses 

F-1968 Pattern alteration 


L-249 What is a conservation farm plan ? 
L-282 Know your watersheds 
L-335 Farming terraced land 
L-342 Contour-furrow irrigation 
L-344 Furrow irrigation 
L-371 Land leveling for irrigation 
L-373 Lespedezas for quail and good land 

L-374 The multiflora rose for fences and 

L-452 Replenishing underground water 

L-458 Autumn olive for wildlife and other 
conservation uses 

L-476 Sprinkler irrigation 

F-2035 Making land produce useful wild- 

F-2046 Farm drainage 

F-2094 Managing farm fish ponds for bass 
and bluegills 

F-2124 Liming soils 

F-2154 Trout in farm and ranch ponds 

M-759 Windbreaks in conservation farm- 

AB-174 Sediment is your problem: wasted 
soil and water 

AB-175 More wildlife through soil and 
water conservation 

AB-223 Grass makes its own food for 
growth, for forage, for good land 
use, for soil conservation 

PA-400 Soil conservation tips for sports- 

(Diseases, Insects) 

L-405 Aphids on tobacco: how to control 

F-2159 Irrigating tobacco 


(Diseases, Insects, Marketing) 

G-7 Growing vegetables in town and 


G-9 Suburban and farm vegetable gar- 


G-44 Cabbage insects: how to control 
them in the home garden 

L-129 Production and preparation of 

L-136 Production of parsley 

L-142 Production of turnips and ruta- 

L-351 Growing eggplant 

L-353 Commercial growing of carrots 

L-360 Growing table beets 

L-361 Golden nematode of potatoes and 

L-367 Tomato fruitworm 

L-372 The onion thrips 

L-410 Root crop production for livestock 

L-411 The corn earworm in sweet corn 

L-448 Growing watercress 

F-1059 Sweet potato diseases 

F-1646 Asparagus culture 

F-1743 Hotbeds and coldframes 

F-1875 Mushroom growing 

F-1957 Cauliflower and broccoli varieties 
and culture 

F-2048 Controlling nematodes in the home 

F-2148 Aphids on leafy vegetables . . . how 
to control them 


G-79 Controlling lawn weeds with herbi- 

F-2117 Dodder and its control 


The following detailed soil survey maps are offered for sale by the Superin- 
tendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C. 

Soil Survey — Clarion County, Pennsylvania — Series 1955, No. 1 $2.50 

Soil Survey — Crawford County, Pennsylvania — Series 1939, No. 18 $2.25 

Soil Survey — Erie County, Pennsylvania — Series 1957, No. 9 (inquire for price) 

SoU Survey — Lancaster County, Pennsylvania — Series 1956, No. 4 $3.50 

Soil Survey — Montour-Northumberland Coimties, Pennsylvania — Series 1942, 
No. 11 $3.75 

Soil Survey— Potter County, Pennsylvania— Series 1953, No. 2 $3.75 

Soil Survey — Carbon Coimty, Peimsylvania — Series 1959, No. 14 (inquire for